How To Connect Medical Devices to Mac

Connecting your medical/healthcare devices to your MacBook could be tremendous if you are doing it for the first time.

There are many medical devices which you can connect to your mac

  1. VU 360 E.C.G Machine
  2. Beats to Mac
  3. Cardio Soft Diagnostic System
  4. Osirix Dicom Viewer
  1. VU 360 E.C.G Machine: It can be connected to your mac via USB port , you need to install a driver after connecting it to your mac.

you may need internet access as sometime the firmware need to upgrade while installation

2. Beats to mac: Connecting you beats to a mac via sometimes can be very easy if you feel a bit uncomfortable follow these steps

3. Cardio Soft Diagnostic system: Cardio System is connected to mac via screen mirroring through wifi

4. Osirix Dicom Viewer:  Osirix Dicom Viewer can be easily connected to you mac via the bluetooth , you need to install the app before installing this device on your mac

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