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DSC_8933Igor Mishevski, 30 years old, from Kratovo, graduate electrical engineer, owner of Nova Solutions – Bitola

“ Every client of the Business Start-up Center or the Business Incubator in Bitola is another story. Everyone looks for and gets different privileges from BSC. Having BSC as a client is my biggest privilege of all. That’s my reference. Anyone can see their website and thus see the quality of my work, specifically my company- Nova Solutions”.

That’s what the thirty-year old Igor Misevski , graduate electrical engineer, from Kratovo says. He married a girl from Bitola and continued living here. And not because it was his wife’s desire, but because he found a job here. “I was working in a non-governmental organization at the beginning, and I established my own company in order to be able to pay my health and pension insurance. I was working on different projects from the non-governmental sector, and today I’m independent in the business I’m doing”.

Igor is the manager of “Nova Solutions”,- a company functioning from 2007. It offers solutions for internet sites, starting from maintenance and development of websites, electronic business, electronic trade, electronic education and internet marketing, i.e. internet promotion of the websites and thereby increasing the number of the website visitors. What distinguishes “ Nova Solutions “ from the others is the website maintenance. We offer the companies maintenance of their websites, specifically constant updating with new information and data. The clients we have from everywhere around Macedonia are satisfied because thus they get one more possibility to promote their activities”.

The analyses show that the great part of the companies in Macedonia at the moment distrust the possibility of promoting themselves through websites. The internet is developing rapidly on the other hand, which means that the number of the potential clients who would visit the website of those companies is constantly increasing. “ Those internet visitors would always like to see something new on the website , something different, because if they have seen it before they won’t go for it again. We offer the new one”.

There’s only one employed in “ Nova Solutions” for now, and that’s Igor, the others are working on projects , getting percentage for what they do and renewing their agreements. They’re functioning well until now. “ There’s a lot of competition in my work. Some would say disloyal, but there isn’t disloyal competition for me. We are segmented in a part where it can be said that there isn’t great competition – the electronic business, electronic education, internet marketing. There’s still a large market here and insufficient coverage. Making a website isn’t a competition for us. It is only one small part form the whole business”.

Igor pays special attention to the internet marketing which gives many positive results. “ Particularly with the Business Start-up Center, which is the client of my company, we succeeded to increase the number of visitors for 270 % for the last month, which is really big number”. But BSC Bitola isn’t only a client for him . It is a motive for increasing his work and a place for starting up new cooperation. As a participant at the Competition for the best business plan and entering among the first ten most successful , he also uses the other conveniences offered by BSC. He has a possibility of gaining a loan but he says that he doesn’t need it for now. But he has a need of the different consultations and trainings at which he is regularly present, and he also uses the possibility to promote its company through BSC. “ Particularly the project MAK-EXPO which I’m working it with a business partner company. That’s the first electronic fair in Macedonia, a platform where the companies could represent their products, and which will be officially promoted soon”.

Thus continues one more success story of a young man where BSC - Bitola has taken its hand in it.



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