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Tennis Academy “Pavlovski“

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DSC_8968Zlatko Pavlovski, 48 years old, mechanical technician, owner and director of a Tennis Academy “ Pavlovski “ Bitola

“ I got infatuated with the tennis as a ten-year old boy , when I became a member of the tennis club in Bitola . I’m now 48 years old and I have had a lot of different professions in my life- mechanical engineer, computer scientist- electronic engineer, manager of a plant for plastic bottles.. But, you know, the tennis was my preoccupation all the time.” Knowing all that , we aren’t surprised from Zlatko’s desire to open the first Tennis Academy in Bitola.

He had the idea for Tennis Academy for 8-9 years. He was working in private tennis clubs in Skopje as a coach and sport manager for a time. He did the complete organization of the clubs, starting from acceptance of new members, their registering, signing out, working with coaches, organization of competitions on a home and international level, competitions among the clubs.

“ When I came back to Bitola , the situation in the Tennis club in Bitola was desperate. The existent tennis terrains were all grassy, neglected. I thus decided to start realizing my long-time idea and to open Tennis Academy, but the Tennis Club in Bitola was still existing.” Zlatko explains that the Academy “ Pavlovski “ will be a kind of sponsor to the Tennis club “ Bitola” . All the activities will be in the club, and the service will be made by the Tennis Academy. “ I’ll organize everything and I hope there will be results. We’ll use the system – membership in Tennis Academy Pavlovski.” All the members of the Academy will be members of the Tennis club also, because such are the forms of the organization in the Macedonian Tennis Federation”- explains Zlatko.

The tennis terrains in the city park and in the primary school “ Elpida Karamandi” are in a good shape again with Zlatko’s coming back in his native town, and there are good conditions for winter trainings also.” The winter trainings were in a hall in the textile factory “ Bitolatekst “ , which , unfortunately , cannot be used any longer . I hope that I will be able to make my own tennis hall in the next 2010 with the loan I’ll get from the Business Start-up Center for winning the second prize on the competition for a business plan .”

When he talks about the competition of BSC , he tells us laughing that they were surprised because it was the first time they had a business plan from the domain of the sport. “ Perhaps, that was my advantage, since everybody else were competing with production business plans . I convinced them to vote for my company and they voted..”

Zlatko, who also became a tenant of the Business Start-up Center has now the possibility for realizing his business plan peacefully and in details, without improvisations, because the Tennis Academy “ Pavlovski “ will be a kind of family business. “ My children are big tennis lovers also . My son is a student on the Faculty for physical training , and my daughter is a trainer with an international level 1. All the three of us have the license for tennis referees and we cover all the activities in the domain of the tennis. “ Game, set and match for Pavlovski.



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