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Training for effective B2B marketing 23th September

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Most B2B marketers are specialized professionals to succeed in this world populated with a bunch of vendors. Most sales professionals have never had proper training on how to do their job properly. Those who had any instructions and training must have had basic training on sales techniques and skills and did not include specifics that brings the whole B2B sales in the economic environment.
Specialization in B2B sales becomes a regular practice in modern companies. The sales are based on the relationship between companies, as opposed to relationship building companies to their end customers. The sales process is often long and complex, and the seller requires maximum involvement in all aspects.

This training will help you advance your professional sales skills to find, win and keep your customers and business associates.

The training will take place on September 23rd (Friday 15-20 pm) and 24th of September (Saturday 10-16 pm) in the Business Incubator - Bitola.

Download the agenda for detailed information on the topics of work and provided a brief biography of the trainer Zoran Todorovski.

Designed for sales reps, sales managers, entrepreneurs of small and medium companies, commercialist and all who want to be effective in B2B marketing.

Registration fee for participation: With an investment of only 1,200 denars you have an exclusive opportunity to receive appropriate training to enhance and increase sales in your company. Please confirm your presence 3 days before the start of training with the payment of fee for participation. Business Start up Center Bitola fully subsidize the participation of the participants in business plan competitions in 2011.

By successfully completing the training are entitled to a certificate issued by the Center for Business Development - BSC, and materials in printed and electronic form, which you can use in future work to enhance your marketing activities.

These conditions are provided by Foundation BSC Bitola and project (USAID) - U.S. Agency for International Development - "Business Without Borders."

Sign up today at 047/236763 or by completing the electronic application for or send us email with your contacts . For payments please download this link.




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