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Business Plan Competition 2009

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poster_bpn_2009Business start up centre, BSC Bitola will help you to start up a new, or to expand your existing business.

All you have to do is to register your business idea, or your existing business, and to submit your business plan.

The best business plans are awarded with reimbursement of the costs for company registration, office in the Business Incubator, micro credits and professional consultations.

You can attend at our trainings on different topics for successfully accomplishment of your business plan.

Attend the trainings of the “Business Academy” and find out…

  • Are you the boss on your own (entrepreneur)?
  • How to become a good manager?
  • How to chat like a businessman?
  • What is your neighbor doing – the competition?
  • How to earn a lot of money? (the finances)
  • Start the work and write what you want to do (the Business Plan)!!!

After the successful accomplishment of the trainings you are entitled with a certificate.

Take part in the Business plan Competition 2009

Step 1: Register your business idea

Fill in the application form:

  • please find it on our web site and send it at or
  • at the promotion desks, or
  • hand it out, personally in our BSC office, at Business Incubator, Krusevo bb, Bitola

Step 2: Submit your Business plan

You can submit your business plan individually or within a group with maximum 5 members following these options:

  • electronically at: ;
  • on line, directly through our web site , or
  • personally, in our BSC office at the Business Incubator, Krusevo bb, Bitola

Obtain your awards through the Business Incubator

What is the Business Incubator?

A center that will help you in sustainability of your company, at the very first beginning!

  • registration of your company
  • obtaining a working space for a lowest costs
  • micro credit line
  • different types of support like a consultancy, mentorship, match makings, exchanging experiences
  • co-financing of the implementation of ISO, HACCP and other types of standards

And of course, a friendly place!!!

For further information about the Business plan competition you can download the following documents:

  1. Terms and conditions 2009
  2. Judging criteria’s for the business plan
  3. Business plan guidelines
  4. Annex 1 (obligatory)
  5. Annex 2 (the financial part)

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