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Company LogoCompanyDescription
sette SETTE SETTE media monitoring company is specialized in monitoring print media published in Macedonia. Their customers receive accurate and timely information is what is published in print media for them, their competition, their partners or whatever is in their interest.
logo1 The Academy of Tennis "Pavlovski" The Academy of Tennis "Pavlovski, owes its existence to the realization of the long life desire of the owner Zlatko Pavlovski for the city of Bitola to get a world tennis club. The Academy for its members provides technical equipment - rental terms for recreational playing tennis, trainers with professional license from the Macedonian Tennis Federation, basic tennis school, individual training and performance of the tennis tournament (diplomas for the participants). The Academy of Tennis "Pavlovski" offers the syntagma of sport and entertainment.
Zlatna_kniga Zlatna Kniga Zlatna Kniga (R3 Informedia) is a massive, innovative and informative annual media in Macedonia. On the one hand, allows consumers, quickly and easy to get to valuable information for needs of everyday life. On the other hand, advertising in this annual printed informer is a trusted source for new sales and increased earnings for large and small companies. Zlatna Kniga performs a detailed categorization of all services, products, institutions, establishments, individuals, small and large firms.
Refresh-Tvoe_Info Refresh Marketing "Following the customers' needs and requirements of advertisers TVOE INFO offers partnership that begins with business success and continues with a long and successful cooperation. Taking the challenge ahead to raise as a key info-service in the R. Macedonia, and wider, TVOE INFO, offers a unique opportunity to reduce your marketing costs, but also to increase your profit simultaneously. Advertising on TVOE INFO, your company quickly, cheaply and easily will present to the existing and future customers.
Emphasizing your existence on the domestic market, emphasizing the Macedonian origin of your products and services TVOE INFO is in service of development of the domestic and regional market, but primarily in the service of increasing domestic exports.
Nova_Solutions Nova Solutions Nova Solutions is a company that offers solutions for websites, ranging from maintenance and development of websites, electronic business, electronic commerce, e-learning and Internet marketing or promoting websites on the Internet and the increase of visitors to this site. What stands out from other Nova Solutions is maintaining of websites.

Virtuel Service Users/Tenants

Company LogoCompanyDescription
nmc NMC New Media Corporation's IT organization, dedicated to the application of modern business models for better management of business processes for better interaction with customers as well as for defining the strategic, financial and IT operational decisions. Production of desktop and web software applications is their main orientation, but is present in the market for IT consulting, IT business of publishing books as well as computer education sector for business customers.
Freeman Freeman Freeman Freeman is a company that offers services in graphic design and pripres. What customers are paying more attention and offer impeccable quality. As a result, interest in their services is constantly growing.
VF VF Parket DOOEL If you want to have a room filled with positive energy, to feel comfortable, then company VF parquet can make this possible. VF parquet will make your floor always to be in keen condition. Setting a laminate, flooring, varnishing, polishing are only part of the services that they offer
DragPetar DRAG PETAR TP The look of your hair today is a very important part of your appearance.That was the main inspiration for Aneta Mickoski Prilep to open her hair studio, which is slowly but surely becoming a synonym for high quality hairdressing services, not just in Prilep city but also in the region.
Ane_logo Hairdressing Studio ANE The look of your hair, today is a very important part of your outfit.That was the main inspiration for Aneta Mickoski Prilep to open his hair studio, which is slowly but surely becoming a synonym for high quality hairdressing services, not just in Prilep city but also in the region.
krsteviLogo Krstevi DOO Look flawlessly and shine in any occasion with the company Krstevi. For each of you they carefully offer the best models and unique pieces of jewelry.
nov_dekor Nov Dekor DOOEL Have you ever had problems with the design of your interior? Do not worry, it happens to many of us, but Nov Dekor is here, they know the best solutions to make your space comfortable. It is a company that has an idea for the customers to make their everyday life better through manufacturing of furniture that will fit well in their homes, hotels, restaurants and offices.
picasu-em Pikasu EM DOOEL A young company with excellent equipped workshop and next to it, you can find the best milky restaurant with delicious pizzas, panceroti, cakes, sweets and many other products. The location is easily accessible and recognizable to buyers, in the center of Bitola.
prkos Prkos Corporation DOOEL "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" Can you imagine a day eating a fruit, and not tasting the widely known Prespa apple? The largest natural source of vitamins for your body offers the company Prkos Korporejsn and not ordinary Prespa apple, but a quality, healthy and safe apple, best for your health and vitality. "
Nafismas Nafis Mas DOOEL The best turner metal workshop in the town of Bitola, everything you need all kinds of metal services are near you. Excellent equipped with the latest tools and machinery to ensure quality in what they offer.
PrimaSlim Prima Slim DOOEL Light is something that enriches your space whether you are in your home, your office, in a restaurant and in any place you feel the need for quality. Lighting bodies which are offered by “Prima-Slim” are the real ones. Various models of chandeliers, roof lights, reflectors, lamps, outdoor lighting and other products with the most modern design created as a tailor to suit your tastes.
porta_jazz Porta Jazz Place for enjoyment, a place for relaxation, a place for the best music with a special style, it's the coffee bar Porta Jazz. Pleasant and relaxed atmosphere provides the perfect freedom of thoughts and subtlety of drinking coffee experience. This environment increases the desire to stay longer in it. It is not coincidence that this coffee bar was discovered by celebrities, and the ones who want peace. Discreet jazz music for each part of the day gives a feeling of cult place. On the most famous street Sirok Sokak drink your coffee and enjoy the wonderful interior in the decorated ethno style.
siterz Siterz DOOEL For your life to be easier and to move with the same speed as technology develops, Siterz company is here. Enormous wealth is to have a team with you who respects you and wants you to be one of the leaders of modern times. Siterz is a company that exists in the field of the newest and most modern internet technologies. Designs your website, maintains it, optimize it in the most innovative and professional ways.
svetiDent Sveti Dent Only the best for their patients is their motto. Your smile is one of the greatest treasures, and they know how best to care for it. In Sveti Dent dental office you have the best quality of dentistry services. Excellent equipped office and team who works and cares about the health of your mouth.
VillaLogo Motel Vila Milina Tourism is an important part of the tradition of a country and through it anyone can look at its treasure. Metodija Naumovski has enriched that culture with his Motel “Villa Milina “captures the image of idyllic and peaceful Macedonia who captures the hearts of all visitors. All this he can offer with the authentic rural ambience and food that no one can remain indifferent.
cavapLogo Cevapovic DOOEL If you want always to look impeccable and perfect it is time to visit Chevapovich and to experience all the benefits that they can offer. Uniquiness and the quality of the services are a result of his professional knowledge gained in Canada and England as well as the 10 years of experience.
vitamaLogo Vitama Plast DOOEL Have you ever wondered where the small and beautiful containers come from that you use daily? Masterly of production is important for successful sales and marketing. The company Vitama - Plast abounds with creativity and skills which are necessary for this sort of production.
kesko-avu Kesko Avu DOOEL Electrical materials represent the basis whether it comes from the smallest house, ultramodern building or shopping center. Good quality electrical materials and their installation can make an enormous difference primarily in security and esthetics, which is more and more need it in the modern way of life. Kesko AVU with its huge assortment and prices offeres uniqueness and quality of services.
logo_loud_pixel Laud Piksel DOO We live in a time of media explosion and a large number of companies, institutions, organizations and other individuals are all the time represented in various media. Well communicated and accurate information has the power to give the company advantage over their competition. Laud Piksel offers all kinds of solutions for outdoor advertising and will meet all of your ideas.
OliDizajn Oli Design DOOEL The future of construction, especially in the internal design is quality craftsmanship and performance of gypsum cardboard items. Usefulness of this type of material is priceless treasure because of its appearance, simplicity and economy. Besides the above characteristics another factor is very important, and that is the contractor. With Oli Design you will have it all.
GABRIELA_21_Logo_eng Delkom Gabriela 21 DOOEL Bakery is one of the oldest crafts that exists and it is in constant evolution. In spite of this craft knowledge it is important to be creative and to have quality in the work, to have something that others do not. The credits for the company’s success, go to its owner Saso Delovski, who gained his experience in Germany and Australia and have raised their products to a level which is unreachable for the competition.
PspscanecLogo Pisicanec Pishichanec is a company located in beautiful mountain village Pishica near Probistip. A place that abounds with natural beauty and а place where the healthiest and best products are produced. Pishichanec is here to offer you the best lamb meat and sheep milk, through their quality farm production.
SMS Solutions
Agrikop-MT Agrikop, LLC v.Zagoriche, Demir Hisar, deals with the purchase and resale of blueberries, juniper, moss and mushrooms. Its main activity is agriculture - growing vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants and seed production of them. Marketing of products run smoothly on the domestic market without any problems because the developer is one of the larger farmers.
Lab Pro Dental P.Z.U. "Dental LAB PRO - Bitola is a private health facility for the manufacture of dental devices in dentistry. Advocating and implementing the full international standards of quality product, offering customers excellent conditions for cooperation. Product range comprises a range of products over time will expand and improve the quality, aesthetics and performance and speed of development of prosthetic devices.
rexus Rexus Led Sistemi REKSUS LED SYSTEMS is a company founded in June 2009 and deals with the design, construction and implementation of the latest LED technology and economical solar systems. In addition to these services there is a huge choice of products: LED - any kind of interior and exterior LED lighting, LED displays and LED panels with moving text.
RENEWABLE ENERGY - solar panels, battery units.
Amalfi "Amalfi" Ltd is a company whose business is catering (pizza restaurant). The name of this pizza restaurant is "Metro", which is located in the center of Bitola directly to Main Street. Products offered are pizzas and different types of food that is served in the pizza restaurant and are ordered over the phone.
This company runs successfully and proved that it can keep the market besides the huge competition that they have. The company is recognized for the good quality that it offers.

Aluklip Alu Klip The best aluminium window frames can be found only in the company ALU-clip. They offer the highest quality aluminium and PVC windows and light for smaller structures. Their services are intended for all of you who want the best quality to protect your home, your office and other facilities by atmospheric influences.
Bitolska_laboratorija Bitolska Laboratorija Bitolska Laboratory cares about your health. Always offers high quality services in line with modern developments in this field. It is equipped with modern premises, some of them are: space for analysis of blood, waiting room for admission of patients and waiting room for patients, room to work. Owner Borce Vasilevski has working experience in the health business, and successful team that is comprised of highly skilled workers who are specialized and they are constantly upgrading.
Beauty Beauty Studio although relatively young company is already established and proven standard of quality for the citizens of Bitola. Among the many beauty salons Beauty stands out thanks to Ana Bogdanovska and quality of her work acquired through her education in this area, and 6 years of work experience and desire for continuous improvement.
trach_1 Studio Trac Studio for professional esthetic and corrective cosmetics of face, body and hair, one place that offers quality services to its clients- complete change of your styling. Always in pace with the latest trends and developments. On one place you can find the people, you can trust and give your confidence to them-about your look.
Kite Em Iz Company for production special types of bread, all kinds of pastry and cakes. The quality of their products, talk about their long tradition. They are distinguishable  by their great taste and low prices. Definitely the best choice when it comes to bakery products. In their company you can find the best products, manufactured to the highest standards and highest quality.
Lucija_apartmani Luccia Apartmani The most modern apartments, fully equipped, luxurious, where the guests have the opportunity to enjoy the original environment, the ambience of old Ohrid. In their over 15 years working, they have been visited by guests from around the world, which only confirms their quality and high level of service they offer. If you want to relax and your vacation to be the best ever, you definielely should visit them. Excellent location in the center of town.
Logo_Aktiva Aktiva Pro Dooel Accountancy bureau with the fastest, cheapest and highest quality accounting services in the city. Offering a wide range of consulting services, opening, closing, re-registration of companies, registration of employees in all financial institutions and regional ministries and all other administrative affairs of a number of companies and NGOs. Visit them to make sure their professionalism
Vi Ba Dizajn Company that produces furniture with highest quality-bedrooms, children's rooms, kitchens, office items and other products and models on request. Their products are made with modern machinery and materials with excellent quality, making also the end products with top quality. If you want your home or office to look modern and nice, Vi Ba Design is the right company that you should visit.
Dreamcaffe Dream caffee Coffee is our everyday need. In Macedonia, Bitola, coffee is our life, habit and need of modern life in order to have energy and space for ourselves and our friends. LLC "DREAM CAFE is a coffee bar located in Bitola's new market. It is a "coffee house" that serves and treats all types of coffee and drinks. The assortment of products  is the largest of its type with over 30 coffee products  and refreshing drinks.
Dani 15 If you want to look unique and perfect and to be up to date with the latest fashion trends, then you should visit the company-'Danny 15'. The main activity of the company is services and sale of dresses, suits, trousers, shirts (male and female), jackets, coats, ties and more. The full range of products is imported, and  is characterized with high quality and favourable prices for everyone. The company store is located in Bitola, in the centre of town, in the department store called "Javor".
Crvena jagoda Company specializing in production of strawberries. High quality, great taste are the atributes for which the company is recognizable from the customers and separated from  competition. Strawberries are produced in clean environment, according to the highest standards of quality and safety. And all of that, available to you for lowest prices.
KALA_Logo_konecno Fragantika Perfumery which offers cosmetics and perfumes of famous brands. In one place you have a huge range of products that you can select for you and your loved ones for any occasion. Besides cosmetics and perfumes, Fragantika in its range always has the latest models of quality jewelry. In step with new trends, Fragantika cares about your appearance, always to be fashionable and beautiful.
Stillisimo Stilisimo "STILISIMO" offers its clients a wide range of services. What is stressed as a basic advantage over the competition is the flexibility of services. The very good quality and performance of STILISIMO has attracted clients from other parts of Bitola. The hair salon uses the latest trends and methods for hair shaping. This approach to STILISIMO's clients justifiably positioned it on the top.
Lab Plus Lab Plus is a company that produces print, business cards, advertisements, labels for the textile industry and other services from graphic industry. The products are of the highest quality, recognized in the market sector. The raw materials used in the manufacturing proces originate from the EU and are with extra quality.
Cikluc Komerc The company 'Ciklus Komerc' from Prilep is 100% private company that deals with the purchase, processing and packing of
agricultural products, dried fruits and vegetables and grain products. The company works with a structure in which every area of its operations and obligations are responsibilities of people who are educated, trained and with many years of experience. Production is organized in optimal conditions and besides the sales and the share of the industrial market in the R. Macedonia this company increases the percentage of sales through export to Kosovo and Albania. Their products can be found throughout all major markets such as Vero, Mercator, SP-markets, Bima NUTS, Didem Trade and others.
EN VI (Instinct) Within LLC, ENVI, is working one of the most visited coffee bars on 'Sirok Sokak' in Bitola, and that bar is the luxurious coffee bar called " Instinct ".
Instinct is cofee bar where the youth finds fun during the day and at night, due to the varied program of guest artists, musical groups, bands, etc.. The Services that 'Instinkt' offer's are professional, fast and constantly developing, following the latest trends in this kind of business.Special attention is paid to the manner and the packaging in which drinks are served, that makes this bar quite attractive and unique compared to other coffee bars in Bitola.

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