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Company LogoCompanyDescription
Itema Solutions_logo

 "Itema Solutions"

"Itema Solutions" offers services in the field of software engineering, the development of software solutions, database development and predictive analytics.

  yes "YES Network project" - USAID

USAID project "Youth Employability Skills (YES) Network ", is a five-year project funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Its implementation is aimed at enhancing the employment skills among young people in Macedonia, aged between 15 and 27. In order to achieve the goal they have seats in several cities, including Bitola, located at the Business Incubator Bitola.

artom "Artom Studios" "Artom Studios" is a company that deals with graphic web design and development of design solutions according to the customer needs. Performs production of designs for promotional and advertising materials, logos, flyers, etc..
Crafting Crafting Engineering

"Crafting engineering" - Bitola, offers various services in the field of construction such as design, construction, supervision. In its very beginnings is the trade with building materials. Vocational education and long experience in the industry, are carriers of the success.

 10.ins media


Prints corporate materials, large formats of all kinds of materials and branding vehicles. Products are intended for marketing of companies. The primary goal of the company is to provide quality, timely, innovative and above all cost effective printing of any media.

30.pixart logo


PixArt is working in the area of graphic design: design of envelops, print design, logo, 3D animations, graphic preparation for printing, branding of vehicles and object, billboards etc. The mission of the company is with modern methods and skills to offer quality products and services for the future graphic solutions.

Nova_Solutions Nova Solutions

Nova Solutions is a company that offers solutions for websites, ranging from maintenance and development of websites, electronic business, electronic commerce, e-learning and Internet marketing or promoting websites on the Internet and the increase of visitors to this site. What stands out from other Nova Solutions is maintaining of websites.

Virtuel Service Users/Tenants

Company LogoCompanyDescription

Gorna Kuka

Villa and restaurant Gorna Kuka, located in the village Slepce, Demir Hisar, offers to its customers an accommodation and lovely atmosphere with great food and various drinks.


Beauty Salon Sion, located in Ohrid, offers a variety of  face treatments, manicure, pedicure and massages.

As Tara

Pizza restaurant located in Krushevo, offers a selection of pizzas, pastas, salads, desserts, alcoholic and soft drinks, as well as warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Eko Solar

Eco Solar, located in Mogila offers to its customers installation of central heating, installation of solar collectors, water supply system and drain.

Ljubov 2011

Coffee Bar Ljubov, located in the center of Krushevo offers all kinds of coffee, alcoholic and soft drinks.


Cow farm Begovci, located in Novaci deals with the production of raw cow's milk.

Vjdevi Farm

Vajdevi Farm located in Novaci produces raw cow's milk.


Elenik grocery store is located in the village Novaci.

Glamna 2005

Glamna 2005 is a company located in Novaci, and deals with production and sale of wheat and corn.

Zoro Kompani

Zoro restaurant located in the Novaci offers to its customers a wide range of local and national dishes.

Kole Dizajn

Kole Dizajn located in the village Ribarci, deals with processing of wood and production of indoor furniture.


Shlake Candy shop offers a range of sweet delights, cakes and pastries for all family celebrations.

 JO-AN Komerc

The company JO-AN Commerc offers installation of central heating, installation of solar panels, water supply system and drain, construction of locks.

Unik Keik

Unik Keik is a candy workshop for production and sale of cakes and pastries. It offers good service and quality homemade products.

Kalkulator Plus

Calculator Plus is an accounting office with extensive experience and quality, which offers professional conduct of the work of companies.

Termo Vod 2012

Termo Vod, located in Ohrid offers sale of air conditioners, installation of central heating and solar panels.

Mnogu Sreka

The company Mnogu Sreka, is a grocery store, located in Mogila which offers food products, chemical products and various drinks.

Alema Shop

Newsagent located in the old city bazaar.

Danigo Veb

Taxi company from Ohrid which offers local, national and international transport.

 Logo 1_Masiv_DInamik_2013

Business Cafe

Business Cafe is a coffee bar located in Ohrid, which offers to its clients a wide range of coffee, alcoholic and soft drinks and ice cream.


Delogrug marketing agency, located in Prilep, offers marketing services and advertising  in Marketing magazine.


Chanishte is a snail farm for growing and selling snails in Macedonia and foreign markets.


Dimstonc Bakery offers production and sale of bread and bakery products on the territory of Bitola.

 969507 105664979640217_1006605654_n_Sentinel


Hampton butique offers to its customers  quality women's and men's clothes.

Spera Et Amare

Playroom Shtrumfovi organizes children's birthday celebrations, nice and cheerful atmosphere, and day care where children maximize their satisfaction.

Atrorija Trejd

Astoria Trade's store offers food products, beverages, personal hygiene products and school equipment.
 Logo Bjuti_Zon_Iv

Beauty Zone Iv

Cosmeic studio Beauty Zone Iv offers cosmetic services: manicures, pedicures, nail upgrades and waxing.


The activity that Entermont deals with  is carpentry trading and offer of effective solution for beautifying and providing more functionality in the home.

Ilija Trans

The company deals with urban and intercity taxi transportation.

Mareva Kompani

Mareva Company, located in Ohrid is a milky restaurant that offers baked goods.


Cakeshop Kanela

Cakeshop "Kanela" is a place that offers great satisfaction with its menu of desserts and savory snacks, wonderful ambiance and pleasant time.

City Kids

Playhouse City Kids

Playroom that offers space, with excellent ambience, for celebration of children's birthdays, with varieties of leasing the space or
overall organization of the birthday by the children's playroom.


Anima Plus

The company "Anima" offers services for improving the psycho-physical condition and mood with relaxing massages and Pilates exercises.

Memory Production

Memory Production

Video production company that offers to its clients capture and shooting of family celebrations, video production of video spots and professional photography.

Trio Kompani

Trio Company

"Trio Company" from Ohrid works in three areas that include: web portal for advertising, rental of computer, Internet, phone and selling of computer accessories.




Lounge Bar, located in the centre of Bitola, that offers to its clients a wonderful atmosphere with great innovative meals, snacks and drinks.

Ornella Elegance

Lingerie boutique that offers: underwear, pajamas, towels, bathing suits, etc. with high quality and reasonable prices.


Specialized shop for selling nuts located in the city centar.

Agro Dams

Company dealing with wholesale of feed.


Selling of many items that can be categorized into the following categories of products: glassware, household items, plastics, decorations, accessories and exclusive products from the brands Bohemia, Arcopal and Home Idea.

Biba Decor

Company that despite retail, boutique for children's clothing, works in the sphere of services - decorating weddings and other festivities.

Jana Exslusive

Wedding dressess store located in New Market in Bitola.

Vuli Plus

Grocery store located in the Remo area in Bitola.

Pinocchio Pizzeria

Located on Shirok Sokak, the pizzeria offers various types of pizzas, pasta, barbecue, alcoholic and soft drinks.

Coffee Bar Shema

Coffee Bar "Shema" located in the center of Mogila offers to its customers a great atmosphere and all kinds of beverages and drinks.


Beauty Salon located in Ohrid, that offers to its customers a variety of massages and physical therapy for health and beauty.


Beauty Salon located in Struga, which offers beauty and hairdressing services, depilation and body treatments, massages, body scrub and other body treatments.

Elena Komerc

Grocery store located in the village Obrshani.

Restaurant Kolta

Restaurant "Kolta" located in Mogila offers to its customers a rich menu of traditional and international dishes.

ART Coffee

Coffee bar located on Shirok Sokak that offers several types of coffee, many drinks and fresh juices.

Marinov Company

Specialized shop for selling nuts and olives located in the New Market in Bitola.

Mihata Trans

Taxi Company "Mihata Trans" that offers to its customers a safe and timely arrival to the desired destination.


The company "Padrino" provides organisation of weddings and other celebrations, as well as catering services

Magic Design

"Magic Design" offers design, landscaping and interior LED lighting.

Amanita Nova

The company "Amanita Nova" deals with purchase and processing of organic food.

Agro Trans Kom

The company "Agro Trans kom" deals with the purchase and resale of wheat.

Hem Mog

Grocery Store locatad in Mogila.

Hairdresser Studio Boshkoski

Hairdressing Studio "Boshkoski" located in Prilep, offers to its customers services such as: haircuts, hair coloring, hairstyling, manicures etc.





 "B IMCS LLC " - Bitola or "Business integrated marketing and consulting services" is an agency that works on the principle outsourcing - hiring a third party in the development of certain projects. The offer of services include marketing campaigns, creating identity, marketing and business strategy, market research, promotions, public relations etc. 


 Mans-Bit is a company that sells spare parts and supplies for lorries and trailers.

TA Bela Roza

Bela Roza is a travel agency that offers to its clients a bus and air transport and travel arrangements at various locations in the country and abroad.

 Fast Food Pinokio

Fast food "Pinokio" located in the center of Ohrid, offers to its customers all kinds of fast food as well as alcoholic and soft drinks


Hribo is a company that works on urbanized land in the village Krklino on which are placed hippodrome, equestrian club and a luxury restaurant.

 Hart Metal

Company that performs processing and coating of steel materials, maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery and manufacturing parts for machinery

El Amigos

Tavern "El Amigos" located in the complex "Nov Pazar" offers to its clients a relaxing atmosphere and a great selection of food and beverages.


 Hairdressing Studio "Patron" offers top hairdressing services at the latest trends that are made with exceptional quality and proven hair care products.

Coffee Bar "Deep"

Coffee Bar "Deep" location in  Shirok Sokak offers to its customers all kinds of alcoholic and soft drinks, as well as many types of coffee.

 Coffee Bar "Iguci"

 Coffee Bar "Iguci" location in Shirok Sokak offers to its customers all kinds of alcoholic and soft drinks, as well as many types of coffee.

Aleksandar 11

Taxi company, which operates under the brand "Favorite", offers to its customers a safe and timely arrival to their final destination.

Andrej BMK

Ready-made manufacturing plant under the brand "Andrej BMC" which produces men's, women's and children's clothing as well as making working appares, HTZ for pharmacies, appares for field work and all activity in general.

Ice Tim

Newsstand "Ice Team" offers to its clients newspapers and magazines, conditory products, prepaid cards, printing services and more.

Coffee Bar "Pit Stop"

Coffee Bar "Pit Stop" location in the complex "Nov Pazar" offers its customers all kinds of alcoholic and soft drinks, as well as many types of coffee

MVB Metals

Bar within the betting Sports Life, where you can find all kinds of soft drinks, many kinds of coffee and tea, and other kinds of refreshments.

 Exotic Pet Shop

Exotic Pet Shop offers to its customers all kinds of pets, as well as food and equipment for them.

"Kinetik Balans"

"Kinetik Balans" is a specialized shop for Chinese therapy as well as personal trainer services.

"El Greko"

Tavern "El Greco" location on Sirok Sokak, offers traditional and international dishes, snacks, all kinds of drinks, beautiful setting and great atmosphere.

"Bar Kode Shop"

Boutique "Bar Code Shop" offers its clients clothing of American famous brand "Fruit of The Loom", which produces clothes from the best quality cotton in the world.

 "Frose +"

Bakery "Frose +" from Prilep, offers its customers all kinds of pastry products, as well as more types of muffin and pizzas.

"Sing Kili"

 "Sing Kili" offers its clients icons, metal accessories, crosses, beads, necklaces and other handmade items

 "Itema Solutions"

"Itema Solutions" offers services in the field of software engineering, the development of software solutions, database development, data warehouses and predictive analytics.



Motel and restaurant "Oskar" for its clients offers delicious and traditional dishes, barbecue, pizza, pasta, salads and all kinds of drinks, and motel services.

 "JK Travel“

 "JK Travel"offers bus and air transport and travel arrangements at various locations in the country and abroad.

"Pank Mobil“

"Pаnk Mobil" offers its clients the sale of mobile devices and accessories, and service for the same.


Taxi company "Zdrave" offers its customers a safe and timely arrival to your final destination.

"Kris Fil“

Car wash "Kris Fil" offers its customers externally and internally washing cars and other vehicles, as well as full engine wash.

 "Royal Logistic Internacional“

Royal Logistic International - Ohrid offers logistic support and maintenance of military vehicles for Ministry of Defence american production exclusively.

"Kompas Travel“

"Kompas Travel" - Ohrid, offers its clients travel services, tourist guide services, different arrangements for destinations in the country and abroad, as well as mediation in tourist accommodation in Ohrid.

"Miss Ston Company“

The restaurant "Miss Ston" with a new attractive location in the center of Prilep, is a pleasant place for business lunches, meetings, celebrations and companionship.


Bozhilovik is branded market, which in its retail product assortment offers exclusively macedonian products.


Company "Chashitovski" deals with farm production snails grown in environmentally friendly conditions with continuous quality.


"Glagoli" location on Sirok Sokak in the form of a book-store, offers its customers current and high quality domestic and foreign literature.

 "Kaj Zlate Kozaro“

Restaurant "Kaj Zlate Kozaro" offers its clients a menu of hot tapas, fresh salads, snacks, Macedonian national dishes, grill and fish, as well as any kind of alcoholic and soft drinks.

"Makom Company“

"Makom Company" offers its clients a wide assortment of computers, computer parts and accessories therefor, as well as service providers.


Company "Sale-Design" offers its customers construction-design services including: installation of gypsum board, painting, stacking tiles, designing walls etc..

"I DO 2012“

"I DO 2012" from Struga, offers its customers a complete organization and decoration of weddings, christening and other celebrations, as well as catering services.

"Nikol Nova“

Company "Nikol Nova" deals with the production and sale of polyethylene, paper and plastic bags.

"Ekvilibrium Consulting“

Accounting Office "Ekvilibrium Consulting" offers its customers all kinds of accounting services including: conducting financial and material accounting, registration of workers, filing tax returns, preparation of final accounts and consulting services.

"Le Al Fi“

Pizza restaurant "Le Al Fi" with location in Bitola, offers its customers a large selection of pizzas, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

"Akolada Consulting“

Accounting Office "Akolada Consulting" offers its customers all kinds of accounting services including: conducting financial and material accounting, registration of workers, filing tax returns and preparation of final accounts, as well as consulting services.


"Futesko" with the location in the city market in Prilep is a specialized store for meat and dairy products.

"Moni Vera Trade“

Boutique "Moni Vera Trade" with the location in the old Bazaar, offers its clients a wide range of elegant and classic women's clothing for all ages.

"Look Store“

Boutique "Look Store" offers men's, women's and children's apparel from import origin with strictly defined quality.


Boutique "Daga Fashion", located in the old city bazaar, offers its clients a wide range of men's, women's and children's clothing.


Real estate agency "Jasnadom" mediate in the buying, selling or rental of property and offers consultation in the sale, rental or purchase of real estate.

"City Look“

Cosmetics salon "City Lоок" - Ohrid, offers cosmetic services including: full depilation, depilation on eyebrows, decoration on nails, nail correction and putting gel on nails.

 LOGO Hello

"Hello Smart“

"Hello Smart" is the official representative of the telecommunication operator ONE-Macedonia and offers its clients a full package of services and products from the assortment of One-Macedonia, mobile phones, cameras, computers, accessories and service.

 logo Kono_Pizza

"Kono Pizza“

"Kono Pizza" offers its customers three types of products that are prepared by franchised technology from Italian brand Kono Pizza: Konopizza Classic, Konopizza Freskissimi and Koni Dolce.


Taxi company "Dijapemi" offers its customers a safe and timely arrival to coveted final destination.


Accounting Office "Vival" offers its clients all types of accounting services such as company registration, registration of staff, material and financial accounting, filing tax returns and preparation of final accounts.

 l design

 L-design studio

L-design studio produces unique exclusive wedding gowns by the client's wish and completely handmade formal dresses (from design, through modeling, to the final product)

GB-KV Transit

GB-KV Transit is a taxi company that deals with transportation of passengers in the city, in the country and outside the country. They offer to its customers a safe and timely arrival to the final destination.


Car wash Babulina

The company deals with the maintenance and repair of motor vehicles, such as: washing cars, auto parts maintenance and washing carpets.

Jovana Alekmina

Lingerie boutique "Jovana Alekmina" offers to its clients: underwear, tights, handbags, bikinis etc. with high quality and reasonable prices.

 Petrovski AS_Logo-01

Petrovski AS

Gift shop "Petrovski AC", located in the old Bazaar, deals with the retail of products for gifts and personal use, as well as catering services and complete organization of weddings.

Hairdress studio "Cool"

Hairdress studio "Cool" works many years and it is characterized by successful work, an extremely high level in the field of hairdressing and hair care.

Denmark Company

Denmark Company is a new company that operates on the Macedonian market in the sphere of agriculture, and it is oriented in trade with wheat.

 Mr. Food

Fast food restaurant "Mr. Food"

Fast food restaurant "Mr. Food" located in the basement of Pelagonka 2, offers to its clients a variety of fast food. What distinguishes this fast food restaurant from the rest is their working hours - from 22 to 05h.

Auto-Spa Center

Car wash "Auto Spa Center" offers to its customers externally and internally washing of vehicles, washing carpets and dry cleaning of motor vehicles, with the most advanced cleaners that clean without the risk of damaging the vehicle.

Biljard Club "Zac"

Billiards club "Zac" is located in the center of Bitola, and offers to its clients an excellent entertainment. The billiards club is equipped with billiard tables, dart boards and play-station games. Also offers refreshing drinks and coffee.

Internet cafe "Blizard"

Internet Cafe "Blizard" offers internet services, entertainment computer and play-station games, as well as refreshments and coffee.

 Logo NajdiRabota


This website is designed for collection of all employment advertisements published in the media in Macedonia, as well as the possibility of advertising by companies directly to the website.

 logo Papaz_Caffe

Coffee bar "Papaz"

Coffee bar "Papaz" is a place where customers can relax with the appropriate music, impeccable service and many drinks. The attractive location and spatial ability of "Papaz" contribute to offer another service - hotel accommodation.

Bakery "Drven Pazar"

The bakery "Drven Pazar" is open 24 hours a day, every day, and offers warm and delicious bread and baked goods and fresh baked sweets in a wood stove.

 SHATOR Hotel_logo_LowRES

 Hotel and restaurant "Shator"

 Hotel and restaurant "Shator" is located under the Pelister's village - Trnovo, which represents one interesting place. What sets "Shator" apart from the others is the modern and pleasant setting, indispensible traditional cuisine and modern design hotel rooms.

 logo Signatura


"Signatura" deals with distribution and wholesale of medicines such as: drugs, additional drugs, medical devices and food supplements, and its range has over 1500 different products within pharmacies in Bitola, Prilep, Ohrid, Struga, Resen and Demir Hisar.


Night club "City Club"

Night club "City Club" offers to its clients well-defined program, parties with celebrities from our country and the Balkan countries, with live performances. Besides the entertainment program they offer any kind of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks.

 "S&D Stojkovski"

Company "S&D Stojkovski" to their customers provides firewood from the beech and oak types. The both types are commonly used and they provide long-term combustion and releasing high heat.

Studio "Sterjev Art"

Studio "Sterjev Art" deals with handmade (painting) pictures and making icons and retail with a wide assortment of handicrafts, souvenirs and ornaments. Retail products are: paintings and icons from the Byzantine style, copies of artifacts discovered in Macedonia, original Ohrid pearl, wood prints, authentic souvenirs of Macedonian territory, ornaments, handicrafts, vases and more.

 logo Pontika


"Pontica" is a company that deals with the production of hazelnuts, whose fruit is rich with unsaturated fats, acids, protein, vitamins and mineral salts, and has energy properties.

 "Euro Pop 87"

 "Euro Pop 87" is an exchange office i.e. a place of business where you can exchange foreign currencies in MKD and vice versa, as well as conversion between two foreign currencies. The exchange office is located in the downtown area.


"O2" company

"O2" company is a company that deals with selling of fitness equipment, fitness tackle, food supplements and sports clothing. Besides retail, they perform services consisting of: preparation of diets, making nutrition and development of training programs.

 BIG Stop_Logo1

"Stop Shop" 

"Stop Shop" markets are located in Ohrid and have a large assortment of food products, personal hygiene, soft and alcoholic drinks, tobacco, textiles, chemical products and specialty products for babies.

 logo Fitform

 "Fitform" fitness and bodybuilding club

 "Fitform" is a famous fitness and bodybuilding club in Ohrid who works as a company providing services in the field of professional training for a healthy lifestyle, such as bodybuilding, fitness and healthy diet.


"Pelafino" pasta

This company offers a palette of products under the brand Pelafino, using the famous Durum flour, which leads to high quality final product. The range of pasta includes 10 types of pasta.


Confection "Nito"

Confection "Nito" successfully works as a company for 13 years on the LAN manufacturing principe.

 logo-abc store

"ABC Store"

"ABC Store" is a company that deals with wholesale and retail of computer accessories, cameras and GPS devices for navigation. Offers a wide range of laptop and desktop computers, digital cameras and bags for laptops and digital cameras.

 Nemo logo

 Playroom "Nemo"

Playroom "Nemo" offers entertaining and educational services with high quality achieved through the proper methodology of work, intended for children aged from 3 to 5 years. Provides overall organization of birthdays or leasing the space for birthdays, and child care.

 B-2 Dizajn_logo

"B-2 Design"

Boutique "Excel"  offers products from the famous Greek producer Verde, which are their exclusive agent in Bitola. Their product range includes women's handbags, shoes, jewelry and leather items, the same high quality, affordable price and distinctive style.


Boutique "Excel" 

Boutique "Excel"  offers products from the famous Greek producer Verde, which are their exclusive agent in Bitola. Their product range includes women's handbags, shoes, jewelry and leather items, the same high quality, affordable price and distinctive style.

"Nova Auto"

"Nova Auto" is a new service for certain brands of cars i.e. cars from the brands Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda. They offer computer diagnosis of mechanical failure, deflection of mechanical defects, and servicing of vehicles without body procedures.

 DK logo

Fast Food "Dimanijal Kom"

Fast Food "Dimanijal Kom" is located in the courtyard of the Commercial High School in Bitola and has 20 years of experience. They offer burgers, toast and hotdogs, drinks, chips, crisps, chocolates and more, at low prices and long-term quality and delicious taste.

 logo Slow_Motion

"Slow Motion"

"Slow Motion" is a company based in Prilep, who works in media and animation, especially in 2D/3D animation, film and multimedia. The founder of this company is working long time in this area and has produced numerous projects for domestic and international companies.

"Ortak Trans"

The company "Ortak Trans" deals with purchase and sale of oak and beech firewood and its distribution to customers. Their services are required on the market because of their affordable prices and reasonable time for delivery.

"Astrit Farm" 

"Astrit Farm" is completely focused on getting high quality raw cow milk. The farm is located in the village Dolenci.

"Davita company"

The main business of the company "Davita company" is distribution of branded products for environmental hygiene in public buildings by the famous Greek brand - Hygiene Service, and their installation, maintenance and service.

 Ango Grafika_LOGO


The company "Ango-Grafika" located in New Bitola, deals with printing on any products based on textiles such as shirts, work clothes, bags, handbags and other products.

Hair studio "Sneze"

The motto of the hair studio "Sneze" is "healthy and treated hair is really nice hair." This studio offers top services in hairdressing from the latest trends that are conducted solely for quality and proven products for hair care.

 logo Laki_KS

 Restaurant "Laki"

Restaurant "Laki" is located in Prilep and offers all services such as preparation and serving of food, traditional Prilep barbecue, pizza and pastrmajlija in fresh condition and alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks.

 logo eva_fashion

Boutique "Eva Fashion"

Boutique "Eva Fashion" located in the town center offers all kinds of men's and women's underwear, swimsuits, pajamas and accessories from the latest fashion trends with best prices.

 avto peralna_dejan_1


Carwash"Dejan" offers indoor and outdoor manual washing for cars and other vehicles, and full motor wash with modern devices that cleans from all kinds of dirt without risk of damaging the vehicle.


Coffee Bar "Lektira"

Coffee Bar "Lektira" located on the recognizable Shirok Sokak in Bitola is a perfect place for rest and relaxation. This place for spiritual renewal of the customers offers great music, impeccable service and many drinks (coffee, alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks).

 dea logo

Hair studio "DEA"

Hair studio "DEA" located in the Old Bitola Bazaar offers all services for maintenance and hair trimming such as shearing , painting, ironing and etc.

 Dam Eko


"Dam-Eko" is a company that deals with production and implementation of ornamental plants from seed and tiller production i.e. horticulture and landscape shaping on the space around us, like backyards, urban parks, industrial zones, highways, hotels, etc.

Hair studio "Stil SV Trend"

Hair studio "Stil SV Trend" is located in the center of the town and offers services for hair trimming and shearing, painting , ironing, minival and other maintenance and beautification of hair.

 simbol caffe_logo

 Coffee bar "Symbol"

Coffee bar "Symbol" is the perfect place to relax on the best location in town-Shirok Sokak. Unlike the others, "Simbol" has many kinds of quality coffee, and works on the principe "Coffee to go" for promotional prices.

 "Saso Talevski"

"Saso Talevski" is a farm for production of raw milk, placed in Lera - Bitola. The overall production of milk as before and also for the next 5 years will be given for redemption to a local dairy in the region.

 Bonnes Vibes_logo

"Bonnes Vibes"

"Bonnes Vibes" - is a coffee bar located in the upper market of Bitola. It has a summer terrace and a large number of alcoholic and soft drinks, variety of coffees and teas at affordable prices for consumers.

 logo catbow

CATBOW Ltd. - Bitola

CATBOW Ltd. - Bitola, manufactures and sells classic hunting equipment - bows and arrows, and also functions as a "School for arrow shooting". The manufacture of the products is tailored to the user, and sales are conducted via website so easy order and pay is enabled, not only from the country but also for people living abroad.

 Copy of_shvedskiot_logo


"Kribs" has a new location on the City walking street of Bitola. Sells fast food, sandwiches, toast, sausages, hot dog and pizza which is the most demanded product. Sales are made at point of sale and delivery to the destination claimed.


Chikoluks - Krivogastani

Chikoluks - Krivogastani produces pasta.  It operates under the principle "from door to door" in all micro, small and medium food stores and supermarkets in Krivogastani and also in Bitola, Prilep and Struga.

 logo Korzo

Korzo pizza-restaurant

Korzo pizza-restaurant offers great food and also has perfect location on the Main Street in Bitola. Successfully running for 10 years and has a rich menu of cold and hot appetizers, fresh salads, soups, pizza, barbecue, fish and seafood specialties and specialties from the Macedonian cuisine.


PETROVSKI ECONOMY is a farm located in Baresani - Bitola. Performs processing and production of milk, meat and cheese from goats. The company has its own location in the central area  of Bitola as an opportunity for expansion and improvement of the company.


Mayer Construction


Mayer Construction is a construction company which operates in Prilep and Bitola region. Performs design and construction of various versions of family houses, residential and business premises, garages and swimming pools with the use of international standards.

"AGRORUBIN" - Bitola

"AGRORUBIN" - Bitola performs production of milk, wheat, corn and barley, and in the near future is planned production of nuts, too. Ecologically suitable environment for cultivation and continuous  performing qualiy checks enables successful work.

 PAOLO logo

Four Ladies Ltd.

Four Ladies Ltd. is located in the upper market of Bitola. Sells branded footwear and leather items. The offer includes shoes, handbags, wallets and other leather accessories from branded manufacturers as Paolo Botticelli.

 juruk 4

Yuruk-Carpet Ltd

Yuruk-Carpet Ltd has a favorable location close to Sally Bridge, Bitola. Performs retailing of carpets and rugs, WC sets and other related accessory products. A big advantage in working is the vast experience of the owner and his previous collaboration with a number of people.

Motel and restaurant "Villa Vis"

Motel and restaurant "Villa Vis" is located on an excellent location in Nize Pole, Bitola. It offers wonderful traditional and contemporary tasty dishes in wonderful ambience. Also it offers convenient motel stay, delicious food with affordable prices, ideal climate and vast summer garden and a view of Bitola.

Mojot velosiped

My bike Ltd. - Prilep

My bike Ltd. - Prilep provides unique services for young people and tourists who are fans of bikes. The company performs renting bikes for tourist tours that contributes to preserving the environment and reducing harmful emissions from cars, and also it is very economical.

 Copy of_Kasito_Trejd_Logo

Boutique "Jovana" Ohrid

Boutique "Sara" located in the "Hamam" trade center in Ohrid, deals with wholesale and retail sales of underwear for men and women, and also sales of tights and socks from the assortment of "SARA" - Skopje, and the offered prices are affordable for customers.

 Copy of_LOGO_Roza_Kanina

Rosa Kanina - Resen

Rosa Kanina - Resen deals with growing spicy, aromatic and medicinal plants and also plants needed in pharmacy. The quality is confirmed through longstanding family experience. The products are intended for people who have health problems, but also for proper diet.

Agro Iche Ltd.

Agro Iche Ltd. perform production and selling of meat and cheese of sheeps with certified quality. The products offered are sold to previosly acquired customers through years of serving in the region of Bitola, Prilep, Ohrid and the surrounding villages.


 "Konekt" coffee bar

"Konekt" coffee bar is a perfect relaxing place with best location on the Main Street of Bitola. Its offer is different from the competition with a range of fresh juices and ice cream,  music and impeccable service, and also a wide range of drinks and quality coffee.

''Starter Impex International" Ltd

''Starter Impex International" Ltd is a grocery store in Bitola, whose founder has extensive work experience in the field, which is a prerequisite for successful work. The main offer are food industry products and associated colonial products intended for mass consumption.

"Agro Leska"Ltd

"Agro Leska"Ltd is engaged in agricultural production of hazelnuts and aronia. The plantations are located in the Lera region, Bitola and its products are marketed in domestic and foreign market.

 logo 1

Excalibur restaurant

Excalibur restaurant is located in the downtown area of Prilep.  Its offer is unique, only there one can find international and Mediterranean specialities complemented by a warm and peaceful atmosphere for enjoyment and satisfaction of the customers needs.

 eis logo

Cosmetic hair-studio "E & S"

Cosmetic hair-studio "E & S" with a new location in the downtown area has professional experience and quality equipment for cutting hair, hair-styling, manicure and the prices offered are accessible and affordable for the customers.

 Logo Kamarite

Coffee bar "Kamarite"

Coffee bar "Kamarite" - located in the downtown area of Bitola, to its customers is offering a pleasant atmosphere with carefully selected music what is a prerequisite for enjoying the good coffee, alcoholic and soft drinks, and in addition to the offer are served several types of appetizers.

KORNER Logo_predlog

Fast Food „Corner''

Fast Food „Corner'' with locations on Main Street at the complex „Kaj kompircinjata“and „The city walking street“, to its customers is offering a hamburger, cheeseburger, toast, gyros, hot dog, chicken burger, chicken fingers, cold sandwich and fries, and as complementary products are offered drinks, various juices, beer and coffee. The purchase may be "Take away" and   personal delivery by the agreed location.

 „Galenius Mid“ pharmacy

 „Galenius Mid“ pharmacy - Bitola, provides affordable prices for their products in order to satisfy customers' needs for medicines, cosmetics, baby equipment and food, medical equipment and help devices.

 Balisimo marbles LLC

Balisimo marbles LLC is a company for manufacturing and installation of marble and granite products. Nine years experience of the founder provides high quality workmanship and many years guarantee of stairs and floors, windows, railings, kitchens and tombstones.


Model Agency Bella Models

 "Bella Models" is a fashion agency from Prilep, which deals with services for recording commercials, photo sessions, searching for new fashion faces, helping many young people to be discovered and their launching in the fashion world.


 Termo-Mont LLC

The trend of utilizing alternative energy sources combined with the extensive domestic and international experience is the main reason for founding and developing the business of "Termо-Mont"-Bitola. Since 2002, it has been selling and making installation of solar systems, central heating, underfloor heating, plumbing and drainage, in their own store with ambition to become a distributor of foreign products.

    Estimma logo

 ESTIMMA Ltd. Bitola

"ESTIMMA" functions on the local market of Bitola. Provides services for digitization, wide range of printing services starting from design and print of business cards to corporate identity. The target group is students and small and medium sized companies.The staff is young, highly educated, with knowledge of computers and graphics industry. By utilizing the capabilities of the tech-the software will strive to the provide best product, that will lead to uniqueness and recognition of the company's brand.


The founder of the company - Carolina Dimeska, from Prilep, has been studying about this business and she has great theoretical knowledge about the program for production of granules and slag. Providing custom electrical transformer would allow a reduction of costs and increase in production.

 Zvonko Taxi

Excellent knowledge of the operations enables "Zvonko Taxi" to perform transportation of passengers to different destinations. In future it is planned purchase of two vehicles for passengers transport, and thus the employment of two persons.

        Lootus J logo

 Lootus J

 "Lootus J" from Bitola is engaged in consultancy and training in foreign languages, computer training, training for pregnant women, preparation of IPARD applications, and training for development of HACCP elaborates. Services may be used by children and adults, farmers, and legal persons. The founder believes that the experience in this family business is an advantage and motivation for stronger performance in the market.

 Agro Com

 "Agro Com" - Prilep produces snail helix aspersa. The secret to the sucess is continiously studying the snails through relevant literature, contacts with friends and business partners, attending seminars in this area, thus improving the operation and the gorwth of the company.

 Bo Bo-TEA

 "Bo Bo-TEA" - Prilep produces heliks aspersa type of snails. The snails are high quality and they are designed for sales on the Italian market for preparation of various meals in restaurants and hotels, as well as for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.


 Drim Travel

 With unique motto "Your smile is our pride", "Drim Travel" - Struga is a company that stands out with a unique range of travel services, car rental services, travel arrangements, group trips (tours), rafting, diving, hiking and travel insurance.

          magic giro logo

 Magic Gyro

 "Magic gyro" sells quick and tasty food with affordable prices for every pocket. Recognizable gyros are the main product, and in the wider range of offer are: "suflaki", hamburger, chizburger, toast, French fries. Also the company offers drinks, various juices, beer and coffee.

         krle vrle_logo


 ...The child laugh is worth million dollars ... is the motto of "KRLE VRLE" Bitola, store for toys, baby equipment, children's jewelry, children's educational books and encyclopedias. They successfully realised the idea of offering something different to the market.

       Elena logo

 Cosmetic Studio Elena

 "Cosmetic Studio Elena" - Bitola is equipped with advanced and modern equipment. Many years of experience in the work together with the large number of seminars attended by Elena, enables quality service and customer care, as well as meeting the needs and requirements of the clients.


 "Draco 58" - Bitola, is a store for pork and beef. Thanks to long years quality work, it exist for 18 years. With the help of distributors, the company delivers fresh pork and beef (wholesale and retail) to the citizens of Bitola, as well as it supplies many restaurants, cafes and fast food restaurants in the town.


 "LERA-ARONIA" - Bitola, performs manufacturing and wholesale to one of most healthy fruits - aronia. Aronia as food and fruit has medical benefits widely used in medicine and cosmetics. Its charactersitics helps in improvement of blood picture, prevention and treatment of various infectious and skin diseases, diseases of internal organs, and strengthens the immune system.


 Butterfly Effect LLC

 The motto of the "Butterfly Effect" is: "the miracle" that every child carries deep within himself/herself, should be timely discovered. Therefore the company organizes various events, gatherings and social events (for children of preschool and school age) with a fun-recreational character.

 Maga Farm LLC

 "Maga Farm" is a pig farm. Its owner knows well the product line of the company, the products and the market. The extensive experience of working in this area is an important factor for the success of the company.

            logo Zeiss

 Zeizz optics

 "Zeizz optics" - Bitola, already 10 years on the market, with two stores in the city center with a recognizable name, due to the impeccable appearance and professional service. It offers a world-famous brands of sunglasses, optical glasses, and contact lenses.

 Toso Ltd

 A pig farm near Bitola that plans growing of other livestock. Favorable conditions for realization of the business and the experience of the founder creates the base of the successful work.



 The offer of quality consulting services is the base of the work of "AVM EURO CONSULTING" - Bitola. The multiyear experience of the founder in consulting in the business sector, reflects the high quality projects and applications for IPARD programs, preparation of business plans and employment services.


 Sarika LLC

 "Sarika " operates on the local market in Prilep and offers services in graphic industry. The activities cover production of cardboard boxes for food and other industries, and office materials.

 Rimason TRADE

 The large number of meat industries, meat processors and restaurants, defines the need of the company "Rimason TRADE" - Demir Hisar. Many years of experience in the field of meat industry, appears as a starting point for distribution of organic hoses that are used to produce various meat products such as sausages, frankfurters and other meat. In addition, the company distributes ground black pepper in large packs for industrial needs.

 Ramayana Natural

 "Ramayana Natural" - Prilep, is a company whose founder has 10 years of experience in the industry. It offers rehabilitation fitness center, sector for corrective gymnastics for children and youth, infrared sauna, room for wellness analysis and education in health through lectures intended for people with specific health problems.

 MarSophie LLC

 "Mar Sophie" LLC is an internet cafe, located near the bazar in Bitola. It provides internet services and also opportunity for playing video games. All computers are interconnected allowing playing games. It has fast and stable internet for speed surfing.

 hygiene logo

Hygiene service - Bitola

 "Hygiene service" - Bitola, a company that works with wholesale of chemical products, and indirectly gives services for the same products. The business is conducted on the entire territory of Macedonia, with managment from the office in Bitola. The work is divided into 6 regions in Macedonia, and in each of them a distributor is engaged.


 The fact that the mushrooms as a commercial product treated as real delicacy in the menu of the finest restaurants in the country and abroad is the base of the work of "Ilce fungi" Ltd. The company performs purchase and processing of mushrooms and other forest fruits with continuous quality at affordable prices that allow satisfaction for the customer, as well as for the suppliers.

        Elnet enter-


 ELNET-ENTER Ltd. is a company that deals with service and sales of computer equipment and electronics. As the most important product / service that is ofered by the company sales and service of computers and home appliances of popular brands.

               Bazar logo

Gutenberg Print - Gallery Bazar

 "Gutenberg-Print" is a printing house founded in 1995, and the work activities are performed in the Magarevo village. It offers more products such as preparation and printing of books, catalogs, flyers, brochures, notepads, calendars. In order to expand the business in the center of Bitola a shop for souvenirs is opened - Gallery Bazar. Except for souvenirs they also sell icons and other religious items and printed materials for tourists (maps, postcards, guides and other informational materials and devices).

 1.solina logo

 Solina Centar DOOEL

Salt Room which offers therapies that are recommended for bronchial disorders in humans and for athletes, seniors, children, employed in mines, factories for textiles and leather, tobacco industry and all others who work in polluted environments. The therapies take place in ambient room equipped and arranged for relaxing, in which the clients can breathe micro dust from dry salted aerosols. Salt Room provides prevention and treatment in a natural way.

   2.kiko 1609 logo

Kiko 1609 DOOEL

The company Kiko 1609 offers taxi services. The owner, despite the two taxis, in the future plans to purches a new vehicle. With continued work, desire and commitment, capital and gained 10 years experience, Vasko is confident in the success of his company.

5.capeli logo

 Toni I Bale DOO

Capelli Art Studio offers hair services: shearing, blow dry, painting etc. It is planned to equip the space to enrich their range of services to manicures, pedicures, makeup and nails upgrade.

4.dojsevski logo

2011 Dojoshevski DOOEL

The company purchase heating trees and distributes them. The owner is planning new hires and increasing the market share.

            darling logo

 Darling Trejd DOOEL

The main activity of the company is retail trade-minimarket. Main products for sale are food products for everyday use, bread, sweets and other products that every market offers. The sale space is 40 m2 renovated and adapted for sale. There is also a section in the store for fruit and vegetables. The owner has a long experience in this area and therefore offers quality products and service to the customers.

       28.zz group 2011 logo


New company that deals with production of environmentally friendly paper bags. The mission of the company is to produce paper eco bags with high quality and favorable prices. Potential clients are: mini and mega markets, clothing shops, trading centers, etc.

kamaj logo

Kamaj Media

New company for establishment of the first full functional AAA studio for development of video games of different platforms (PC, VBOX, Play Station) in Macedonia. The final products of the studio are video games in form of data package which contain all necessary information for the game. The company will not directly sale the products to the clients. This operation will be preformed through publish houses for video games which the studio will make contract with.


Company whose main products are various kinds of velvet pillows and decorative dolls. With the development and strengthening of business they are planning and recruitment of other persons. In a long term they are planning production and adoption of new models of products.

12.shitake logo

Biomarel Sitake DOOEL

Biomarel is the first and only farm for producing fresh shiitake mushroom in Macedonia. Shiitake is a true delicacy, a refined and extraordinary rich flavor, and it has more vitamins than any other vegetables and flavor over all types of mushrooms. The range of products that the company offers are  packaged fresh and ground dried shiitake mushroom. Biomarel successfully marketed its products throughout the state. In the future it is planned to expand production with three new products: shiitake in capsules, tablets and tea shiitake, new hires, as well as entering new markets.


The company transports all kinds of goods in the country and abroad. The owner is planning to purchase a new transportation vehicle - trailer truck, which would spread the workload.

14.baern min logo

Baern-Min DOOEL

Cafeteria with darts, billiards and other games. Owner Peter plans a summer garden. Bayern Min offers an environment for enjoyment, rest and relaxation from everyday life.

Dekoform DOOEL

Produces furniture designed and painted by the space, desires and needs of the client. The owner has great experience and higher education in this field. He planes introduction of new unified product that will have a similar design, price and production technology that is required to be procured, which will provide higher quality final product.

Karizma 2010 DOOEL

Karizma produces bread and baked goods in fresh condition. Successfully running the market, with 4 people that produce baked goods consisting of: bread sticks, bakel, donats, pizza, etc.



Breds chickens - hens for producing and selling eggs. The farm has professionally prepared space for the cultivation of about 250 chickens, and his future goal is to expand the production.

18.ljube trans

Ljube Trans DOOEL

Trans Ljube offers taxi services with two taxis. Owner's future plans are to develop its business by expanding the fleet, and in the long term, he plans to increase the supply in terms of cargo and passenger transport to distant destinations.

19.creativ logo

Kreativ-Miki TP

Company that produces clothing, dresses, shirts, jackets, tailored trousers and and everything that customers will ordered. The business has potential for expansion and hiring new people because the demand for products is high.

20.invest media logo

Invest Media DOOEL

The company deals with the supply, installation, sales, organization and delivery of PVC joinery. The company is successfully operating since 2008 and they have the highest standards for the operation of such business.


Apostolovski enterieri DOOEL

Apostolovski Interiors is a company for producing furniture that performs processing on products of wood-flat materials in kitchens, racks, bedrooms and children's rooms, offices and more. The furniture is manufactured according to the prerogative of the client: mediapan, plywood and wood, and it is made with professionalism.

 Uniko Moda DOO

Uniko Moda deals with sales of clothing and fashion accessories. With an attractive location in the city center, the company plans to reconstruct the existing facility and hire new people. The owners have extensive experience in the business and customers recognize the quality of the products they offer.


 Private health institution with core business operations are medicines and sanitary materials. The products are from the program of positive drugs list of the Ministry of Health. The plan for the future with the new investment is to enrich the supply of paramedical products from natural and herbal base and cosmetics.

25.nimadoor logo

Nimador DOOEL

Nimador produces wooden carpentry according to the highest standards to guarantee quality. Products are custom-tailored and the choice of the materials are from the client. The main products are internal doors, windows and kitchens. The expansion of the business in the future through procurement of machinery and new jobs are among the priorities.

   body m_logo

Bodi Mimi DOOEL

Body M is a cosmetic salon with professional staff, modern equipment for treatment of face, body, upgrading nails, waxing and massage. They are recognized for the quality and the number of clients is constantly increasing. Prices are affordable for everyone, which further distinguishes the company from the competition.


Sarfil is a newly formed company which will deal with production of eggs and chicken meat. Production will be organized according to the highest environmental standards, with a healthy product at affordable prices. Once he breaks the market and win customers, the company plans to slowly expand the production, and purchase additional equipment and increase staffing.

29.hroma logo


The company is part from the network of agents of the established brand CaliVita (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, herbs, etc.).  The products of this company are produced using the latest technology accompanied by appropriate quality control. Therefore the company offers different types of dietary supplements for everybody who wants to have a healthy life style.

 caci logo


Main services offered are haircut, dyeing, blow-dry, highlights, coloring, hair extensions, etc. The salon has all modern equipment and it has been working already three years. It is located in the city centre. The owner Slavica has 8 years experience in this area and has attended a lot of fairs, seminars, trainings. The vision of the company is to develop and grow along with customer satisfaction as well as expansion of the capacity for growth into a network of hair salons.

 Bojan Kima

Company located in the area of Struga which deals with construction activity. For quality work the company has all necessary tools such as: hand tools required for all construction work, device for precision cutting boards, construction scaffolding etc. That competitiveness of products is derived from prices that are favorable considering the materials and quality that the construction work is performed.

Vega IMS

Company for production of household furniture. The company is mainly focused on manufacturing various kinds of kitchen furniture, bedrooms and children rooms. It is planned to achieve stability in the implementation of the adopted program for production, and introduction to new production elements and opening branches throughout the Republic of Macedonia.


 The Academy of Tennis "Pavlovski"

The Academy of Tennis "Pavlovski, owes its existence to the realization of the long life desire of the owner Zlatko Pavlovski for the city of Bitola to get a world tennis club. The Academy for its members provides technical equipment - rental terms for recreational playing tennis, trainers with professional license from the Macedonian Tennis Federation, basic tennis school, individual training and performance of the tennis tournament (diplomas for the participants). The Academy of Tennis "Pavlovski" offers the syntagma of sport and entertainment.


Refresh Marketing

"Following the customers' needs and requirements of advertisers TVOE INFO offers partnership that begins with business success and continues with a long and successful cooperation. Taking the challenge ahead to raise as a key info-service in the R. Macedonia, and wider, TVOE INFO, offers a unique opportunity to reduce your marketing costs, but also to increase your profit simultaneously. Advertising on TVOE INFO, your company quickly, cheaply and easily will present to the existing and future customers.
Emphasizing your existence on the domestic market, emphasizing the Macedonian origin of your products and services TVOE INFO is in service of development of the domestic and regional market, but primarily in the service of increasing domestic exports.

sette 2

SETTE media monitoring

SETTE media monitoring company is specialized in monitoring print media published in Macedonia. Their customers receive accurate and timely information is what is published in print media for them, their competition, their partners or whatever is in their interest.

  nmc NMC

New Media Corporation's IT organization, dedicated to the application of modern business models for better management of business processes for better interaction with customers as well as for defining the strategic, financial and IT operational decisions. Production of desktop and web software applications is their main orientation, but is present in the market for IT consulting, IT business of publishing books as well as computer education sector for business customers.


If you want to have a room filled with positive energy, to feel comfortable, then company VF parquet can make this possible. VF parquet will make your floor always to be in keen condition. Setting a laminate, flooring, varnishing, polishing are only part of the services that they offer

krsteviLogo Krstevi DOO

Look flawlessly and shine in any occasion with the company Krstevi. For each of you they carefully offer the best models and unique pieces of jewelry.

nov_dekor Nov Dekor DOOEL

Have you ever had problems with the design of your interior? Do not worry, it happens to many of us, but Nov Dekor is here, they know the best solutions to make your space comfortable. It is a company that has an idea for the customers to make their everyday life better through manufacturing of furniture that will fit well in their homes, hotels, restaurants and offices.

prkos Prkos Corporation DOOEL

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" Can you imagine a day eating a fruit, and not tasting the widely known Prespa apple? The largest natural source of vitamins for your body offers the company Prkos Korporejsn and not ordinary Prespa apple, but a quality, healthy and safe apple, best for your health and vitality. "

Nafismas Nafis Mas DOOEL

The best turner metal workshop in the town of Bitola, everything you need all kinds of metal services are near you. Excellent equipped with the latest tools and machinery to ensure quality in what they offer.

PrimaSlim Prima Slim DOOEL

Light is something that enriches your space whether you are in your home, your office, in a restaurant and in any place you feel the need for quality. Lighting bodies which are offered by “Prima-Slim” are the real ones. Various models of chandeliers, roof lights, reflectors, lamps, outdoor lighting and other products with the most modern design created as a tailor to suit your tastes.

porta_jazz Porta Jazz

Place for enjoyment, a place for relaxation, a place for the best music with a special style, it's the coffee bar Porta Jazz. Pleasant and relaxed atmosphere provides the perfect freedom of thoughts and subtlety of drinking coffee experience. This environment increases the desire to stay longer in it. It is not coincidence that this coffee bar was discovered by celebrities, and the ones who want peace. Discreet jazz music for each part of the day gives a feeling of cult place. On the most famous street Sirok Sokak drink your coffee and enjoy the wonderful interior in the decorated ethno style.

siterz Siterz DOOEL

For your life to be easier and to move with the same speed as technology develops, Siterz company is here. Enormous wealth is to have a team with you who respects you and wants you to be one of the leaders of modern times. Siterz is a company that exists in the field of the newest and most modern internet technologies. Designs your website, maintains it, optimize it in the most innovative and professional ways.

svetiDent Sveti Dent

Only the best for their patients is their motto. Your smile is one of the greatest treasures, and they know how best to care for it. In Sveti Dent dental office you have the best quality of dentistry services. Excellent equipped office and team who works and cares about the health of your mouth.

VillaLogo Motel Vila Milina

Tourism is an important part of the tradition of a country and through it anyone can look at its treasure. Metodija Naumovski has enriched that culture with his Motel “Villa Milina “captures the image of idyllic and peaceful Macedonia who captures the hearts of all visitors. All this he can offer with the authentic rural ambience and food that no one can remain indifferent.

kesko-avu Kesko Avu DOOEL

Electrical materials represent the basis whether it comes from the smallest house, ultramodern building or shopping center. Good quality electrical materials and their installation can make an enormous difference primarily in security and esthetics, which is more and more need it in the modern way of life. Kesko AVU with its huge assortment and prices offeres uniqueness and quality of services.

logo_loud_pixel Laud Piksel DOO

We live in a time of media explosion and a large number of companies, institutions, organizations and other individuals are all the time represented in various media. Well communicated and accurate information has the power to give the company advantage over their competition. Laud Piksel offers all kinds of solutions for outdoor advertising and will meet all of your ideas.

OliDizajn Oli Design DOOEL

The future of construction, especially in the internal design is quality craftsmanship and performance of gypsum cardboard items. Usefulness of this type of material is priceless treasure because of its appearance, simplicity and economy. Besides the above characteristics another factor is very important, and that is the contractor. With Oli Design you will have it all.

GABRIELA_21_Logo_eng Delkom Gabriela 21 DOOEL

Bakery is one of the oldest crafts that exists and it is in constant evolution. In spite of this craft knowledge it is important to be creative and to have quality in the work, to have something that others do not. The credits for the company’s success, go to its owner Saso Delovski, who gained his experience in Germany and Australia and have raised their products to a level which is unreachable for the competition.

PspscanecLogo Pisicanec

Pishichanec is a company located in beautiful mountain village Pishica near Probistip. A place that abounds with natural beauty and а place where the healthiest and best products are produced. Pishichanec is here to offer you the best lamb meat and sheep milk, through their quality farm production.


Agrikop, LLC v.Zagoriche, Demir Hisar, deals with the purchase and resale of blueberries, juniper, moss and mushrooms. Its main activity is agriculture - growing vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants and seed production of them. Marketing of products run smoothly on the domestic market without any problems because the developer is one of the larger farmers.

Lab Pro Dental

P.Z.U. "Dental LAB PRO - Bitola is a private health facility for the manufacture of dental devices in dentistry. Advocating and implementing the full international standards of quality product, offering customers excellent conditions for cooperation. Product range comprises a range of products over time will expand and improve the quality, aesthetics and performance and speed of development of prosthetic devices.

rexus Rexus Led Sistemi

REKSUS LED SYSTEMS is a company founded in June 2009 and deals with the design, construction and implementation of the latest LED technology and economical solar systems. In addition to these services there is a huge choice of products: LED - any kind of interior and exterior LED lighting, LED displays and LED panels with moving text.

RENEWABLE ENERGY - solar panels, battery units.


"Amalfi" Ltd is a company whose business is catering (pizza restaurant). The name of this pizza restaurant is "Metro", which is located in the center of Bitola directly to Main Street. Products offered are pizzas and different types of food that is served in the pizza restaurant and are ordered over the phone.

This company runs successfully and proved that it can keep the market besides the huge competition that they have. The company is recognized for the good quality that it offers.

Aluklip Alu Klip

The best aluminium window frames can be found only in the company ALU-clip. They offer the highest quality aluminium and PVC windows and light for smaller structures. Their services are intended for all of you who want the best quality to protect your home, your office and other facilities by atmospheric influences.

trach_1 Studio Trac

Studio for professional esthetic and corrective cosmetics of face, body and hair, one place that offers quality services to its clients- complete change of your styling. Always in pace with the latest trends and developments. On one place you can find the people, you can trust and give your confidence to them-about your look.

Kite Em Iz

Company for production special types of bread, all kinds of pastry and cakes. The quality of their products, talk about their long tradition. They are distinguishable  by their great taste and low prices. Definitely the best choice when it comes to bakery products. In their company you can find the best products, manufactured to the highest standards and highest quality.

Lucija_apartmani Luccia Apartmani

The most modern apartments, fully equipped, luxurious, where the guests have the opportunity to enjoy the original environment, the ambience of old Ohrid. In their over 15 years working, they have been visited by guests from around the world, which only confirms their quality and high level of service they offer. If you want to relax and your vacation to be the best ever, you definielely should visit them. Excellent location in the center of town.

Logo_Aktiva Aktiva Pro Dooel

Accountancy bureau with the fastest, cheapest and highest quality accounting services in the city. Offering a wide range of consulting services, opening, closing, re-registration of companies, registration of employees in all financial institutions and regional ministries and all other administrative affairs of a number of companies and NGOs. Visit them to make sure their professionalism

Vi Ba Dizajn

Company that produces furniture with highest quality-bedrooms, children's rooms, kitchens, office items and other products and models on request. Their products are made with modern machinery and materials with excellent quality, making also the end products with top quality. If you want your home or office to look modern and nice, Vi Ba Design is the right company that you should visit.

Dreamcaffe Dream caffee

Coffee is our everyday need. In Macedonia, Bitola, coffee is our life, habit and need of modern life in order to have energy and space for ourselves and our friends. LLC "DREAM CAFE is a coffee bar located in Bitola's new market. It is a "coffee house" that serves and treats all types of coffee and drinks. The assortment of products  is the largest of its type with over 30 coffee products  and refreshing drinks.

Crvena jagoda

Company specializing in production of strawberries. High quality, great taste are the atributes for which the company is recognizable from the customers and separated from  competition. Strawberries are produced in clean environment, according to the highest standards of quality and safety. And all of that, available to you for lowest prices.

KALA_Logo_konecno Fragantika

Perfumery which offers cosmetics and perfumes of famous brands. In one place you have a huge range of products that you can select for you and your loved ones for any occasion. Besides cosmetics and perfumes, Fragantika in its range always has the latest models of quality jewelry. In step with new trends, Fragantika cares about your appearance, always to be fashionable and beautiful.

Stillisimo Stilisimo

"STILISIMO" offers its clients a wide range of services. What is stressed as a basic advantage over the competition is the flexibility of services. The very good quality and performance of STILISIMO has attracted clients from other parts of Bitola. The hair salon uses the latest trends and methods for hair shaping. This approach to STILISIMO's clients justifiably positioned it on the top.

Lab Plus

Lab Plus is a company that produces print, business cards, advertisements, labels for the textile industry and other services from graphic industry. The products are of the highest quality, recognized in the market sector. The raw materials used in the manufacturing proces originate from the EU and are with extra quality.

Cikluc Komerc

The company 'Ciklus Komerc' from Prilep is 100% private company that deals with the purchase, processing and packing of

agricultural products, dried fruits and vegetables and grain products. The company works with a structure in which every area of its operations and obligations are responsibilities of people who are educated, trained and with many years of experience. Production is organized in optimal conditions and besides the sales and the share of the industrial market in the R. Macedonia this company increases the percentage of sales through export to Kosovo and Albania. Their products can be found throughout all major markets such as Vero, Mercator, SP-markets, Bima NUTS, Didem Trade and others.

EN VI (Instinct)

Within LLC, ENVI, is working one of the most visited coffee bars on 'Sirok Sokak' in Bitola, and that bar is the luxurious coffee bar called " Instinct ".

Instinct is cofee bar where the youth finds fun during the day and at night, due to the varied program of guest artists, musical groups, bands, etc.. The Services that 'Instinkt' offer's are professional, fast and constantly developing, following the latest trends in this kind of business.Special attention is paid to the manner and the packaging in which drinks are served, that makes this bar quite attractive and unique compared to other coffee bars in Bitola.