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DSC_8879Ajhan Nebioski, 35 years old, mechanical technician, owner of “ Alu Klip “ – Bitola, company that is producing and constructing PVC and aluminium joinery.

“I’m not ashamed working on anything. I’m an owner of a company, a manager, but I’m not ashamed of working together with my employees. What’s important to my clients and also what’s important to me is that job needs to be done with agility, quality and speed “starts the conversation Ajhan Nebioski. He’s 35 years old. He is a mechanical technician and is owner of the company for producing and constructing PVC and aluminium joinery “Alu Klip “ in Bitola.

He says that he’s been doing this craft for seven years for other owners. He gained great experience, he learned a lot of things, met a lot of people, made a lot of friendships, but doing this he realized something else as well. “ I concluded that I’m not paid enough for my engagement and my competence. I had good knowledge of my job, and I was convinced that if a can work for others I would be able to work for myself even better. I started from scratch, alone with all the uncertainties that came along with the private business, and now I have three employees and I am thinking to expand my business even more”.

The “Alu Klip “company exists since 2005 but you won’t find out anything about it by the well-known TV or radio advertisements. “ I work only by recommendation. I think that telling that I have made the joinery on some bigger projects - on one hotel in Struga,  on the hotel “ Ambasador “ in Bitola, restaurant “ Korzo”, the “ Evroazija” at Sirok Sokak , and all the private houses and flats, is a good enough advertisement . There are lots of these that I have worked on. “

Ajhan is one of the rare craftsmen of his craft who pays attention to something else besides the quality of his work - the time of his clients. “ I’m conscious of the need for appreciating the time. That is, I’m the first one to start working on a project, as a craftsman, by installing the PVC and aluminium joinery on the objects, and then the other craftsmen follow. If I’m late doing my job, I automatically block the job of the others. When I’m paid for my business , it’s normal to be expected to be done in time and with the best quality”.

He has done his job expeditiously and with the best quality when renovating the object in the Business Start-up Center in Bitola also. “I came here as usual, by recommendation. I did what was asked from me and everyone was satisfied. And then, the people from BSC motivated me to make a business plan and participate in their competition. It was excellent “. Ajhan managed to convince the members of the commission at the presentation that the finances, the loan he would get he will use it for expanding his business”. I will use it to the maximum, at first to provide larger working space and supplying new machines and materials. I also visit the consultations and trainings, not only to make new acquaintances, but also to learn something new , because I’d like to expand my business. Thanks to BSC, of course”.



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