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DSC_8841Borce Vasilevski, 33 years old, owner of Private health institution – biochemical laboratory “ Bitolska Laboratorija “ – Bitola

“ I am a medical manager, something new as a term  and as a profession in Macedonia. I can explain my profession as a manager in medical subject of any type “ – says the 33-year old Borce Vasilevski who has 7 years experience in the private health behind him. He was a manager in two diagnostic centers in Bitola and from 2009 on , a regional manager for “ Neuromedika “ in Macedonia. “ Alongside with that I opened the Private health institution – biochemical laboratory “ Bitolska Laboratorija”.

Borce’s idea was to make a private health subject from the type of biochemical laboratory that will give services to all the people from Bitola for the same prices as in the public health, making no difference whether they are its registered patients or not. “ I was seeing how the public health was trying to put the health in the public sector in service closer to the patients and I started thinking- why that couldn’t be done by some private subject also? Why not? Every business with good profit is economically justified . The only thing you should be careful about when you work with such process is the quality. But, when you find the solution , having quality and quantity at the same time, it’s easy to survive.”

Everything is done transparently in “ Bitolska Laboratorija “. We don’t hide the number of patients or the price of the services. “ We had 320 patients the first month, which was surprising for us in a positive way. The big number is due to the politics of our work- to put ourselves directly on the patients’ disposal . “ Borce says that they have determined the target groups, made a contract with the Association of pensioners from Bitola, to whose members they give free services for examining some parameters, and there are home visits from the laboratory team also. “ We don’t charge more than what’s needed and we work with quality. We work the analysis of each patient 2 or 3 times, which is like making an advert on the media, because we think that the best advert is – from mouth to ear. And you will all agree, that is the best way of communication in Bitola.”

“ Bitolska Laboratorija “ has two employees by now with a tendency to increase the number in future. By the end of 2009 he will open another branch office which means free working posts for one more biochemist and laboratory assistant . The plan is to pass on specialized functioning , and that is the point where BSC Bitola is beginning its role. “ The business plan with which I entered the competition of BSC was for improving my business, i.e. a plan for opening a specialized biochemical laboratory where all the examinations will be made in the shortest period of time . Alongside with that, we plan to open policlinics in Bitola , together with the private policlinics of Dr. Jovica Ugrinovski from Skopje, where “ Bitolska Laboratorija” will appear as equal partner “ – says Borce , who found out the competition of BSC Bitola through the personal contacts with the employees form the Center , from the promotional material spread out in the whole city, and of course through the internet. “ I was thinking whether it’s clever to enter the competition for a best business plan. At the end I concluded that I was simply wasting my time thinking because in these hard times in Macedonia it’s a real rarity to find someone who’ll give you a hand. BSC is doing exactly that. It succeeded to move us closer to the banks and help us.  Their loans, the conditions they’re giving to us are exactly the ones that are the only solution for us. “

By entering among the best ten business plans , Borce got the possibility for using a loan, and he also says that he will use all the other benefits given by the BSC to the maximum. “ Advice, excellent consultations, connection in the sphere of the marketing – we need all of that. BSC is the center of it. It is the best entrepreneurs , because all the entrepreneurs reach BSC, and then BSC goes to the entrepreneurs , the successful ones are already working.”



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