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SWOT analysis tool for small and medium businesses

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The SWOT analysis is an extremely useful tool for understanding and decision-making for all sorts of situations in business and organizations. With this analysis, a company can get the data necessary for tracing future directions of growth and development. Given that every company affects and is influenced by the working environment, it must be considered in terms of internal and external attributes. With the use of SWOT analysis, as basic tool, companies can identify their internal strengths and weaknesses, on one hand, and the external opportunities and threats, on the other.


Considering the necessity and importance of such analysis BSC Bitola in collaboration with the Faculty of Technical science in Bitola, began with a practical preparation of SWOT analysis in several of the companies that support. The results of these analyses should be base for improving company’s performance, through strengthening their advantages, better use of external opportunities, and taking activities for transforming weaknesses and threats into strengths and possibilities.

Students who will perform such analysis will gain experience in making a SWOT analysis and will be closely introduced with the business environment.

With this project BSC Bitola once again proves the support that is given to small and medium sized enterprises for improving and upgrading their businesses.

SWOT analysis

Strenghts Weaknesses
Areas and activities in which the company consider itself good at Areas and activities that the company consider needs improvement
Opportunities Threats
Forces from the environment that positively affect the operations of the company Forces from the environment that have negative impact on company’s operations

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