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One more success from the supported companies by BI-Bitola

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In order for Macedonia to join the global trend for applications in its own language, the first contest for making Macedonian applications was organized VIP-Android contest.

New Media Corporation aimed at developing software applications, which from the beginning has been supported by the Business Incubator, won third place for its application "Green Zone" - which is a mobile geo-social platform that shows green areas around them. The program allows marking of contaminated or clean environment to any geographic location. The user can describe the location with more attributes or leave a comment or photo.


Users of the program Green Zone have more benefit by using it. The program fosters the cognitive, emotional and social development of personality.

Green Zone is new and interesting application that contains the social side which is a very important component in the software application, because each social component has the ability to grow into a worldwide social network interaction.

More about the application

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