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What to do after training in business planning?

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The good news is that the best business plans are usually short and not complex. They contain and explain only the most important information:

• what you want to achieve,

• How to get there and

• what to do to achieve your business goals.

The training on business planning that took place on 05th and 06th November 2010 at the training room of the Business Incubator - Bitola, participants were presented how to structure the business plan and split into smaller parts to be as understandable, to contain the necessary elements, to acquire writing skills through practical exercises, and to understand its individual sections.

Templates and examples for business planning that were used at training helped to participants how to compile the executive summary, marketing plan, organizational plan and financial plan which was developed into separate Excel spreadsheets. The financial tables and the example of business plan you can download from the download link on the BSC Bitola website.

How to use the business plan?

The classic use of a business plan we make trough encouraging participants to submit their business plans at competitions for the best business plan in BSC Bitola. This year's Business Plan Competition 2010 is underway and we expect your business plans. To register, please contact us at 047/23 67 63.

But despite the participation of the business plan competition, usually you can use to request additional investments or micro loans. Many people think the business plan as something you do when you want to establish a company, to apply for a loan or find investors. It certainly is its vital functions, but there is much more than that.

What are the benefits of the business plan for small businesses?

Success means a small business compliance, consistency and performance of the business plan. Of course if everything will go according to plan, but sometimes you need to make corrections and actions to be taken will be changed. Unless there is a plan, there can be no certainty that the business is actually working.

A business plan can help a small business succeed. It allows progress to be measured against plan and can give early warnings when things need to change. Once the business plan is written, then more detailed plans such as the marketing plan can be produced. BSC Bitola in early December will organize training on "marketing" where the marketing plan will be one of the modules that will be elaborated in detail. We sincerely recommend you sign up and gain a basic tool for profitability.



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