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Finances for non-financial managers

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finansii slaer

Financial management for non-financial managers is designed to be implemented in a two day training in order to give the participants the needed knowledge and skills for understanding the basics financial concepts.

Learn how to understand and apply the principles of finance and accounting

  • How to read financial statements
  • How to use proven accounting methods to forecast revenue and plan for growth
  • Clearing up the most common misconceptions non-financial managers have about “the numbers”
  • How to discuss and report financial data in the appropriate terminology
  • How to recognize opportunities for improving cash flow and profit contribution


Who needs this training?

If you are in or getting ready for a management position … If you must prepare, interpret or approve budgets, financial reports or business plans … If you want to be able to better understand and communicate the financial results and performance of your organization … If you are an accountant, entrepreneur or student writer … this training is for you!

Materials: Each participant in the training will receive additional work materials that can be used further in everyday work.

With the successful completion of training you will gain a certificate issued by the BSC Bitola.

Location and time: Business Incubator (m.z. Veljko Vlahovich) st. Krusevo bb, Bitola,

25-26 February 2011

Enroll today: call our office at 047/236763 or fulfill the application form at or send us an email to

The market price of this training is 6.000 denars, but your total investment will be only 900 denars. The rest of the amount is refunded by BSC Bitola. This training is part of the Business without Borders program, funded by the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).


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