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Social Media and your business

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Facebook®… YouTube™… LinkedIn®… Twitter™… so how do you make all this social media stuff work for you?

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A real-world training for understanding social media and using it to generate leads, connect with customers, expand your market reach, create lifelong customers, drive Web site traffic—and grow your business.

Whether you’re just getting started in social media or you’re already on board  … learn how to join in on the conversation—and the profits!



Ready to get into the game?

  • How social media actually pays off
  • The key to social media success: Getting off to a good start
  • Facebook®, YouTube™, Twitter™, oh my! Choosing the right platform
  • for your business
  • Cool tools and how to use them to grow your business
  • Mistakes rookies make … but you don’t have to
  • The art of writing for a social audience
  • Success stories: What the best social marketers do better than the rest
  • Managing your on-line reputation

Where: Business Incubator – Bitola

When: Friday and Saturday (11th and 12th March, 2011)

The trainer: Igor Nedelkovski + eminent social media marketers

Think it’s still okay to take a wait-and-see what will happen with social medias? Recent data shows …

500 million: Number of Facebook users

70 million: Number of LinkedIn users

160 million: Number of Tweet

133 million: Number of active blogs

More than 300 million active YouTube profiles

Looks like this social media thing is here to stay for the long haul, wouldn’t you say?


Enroll today at 047/23 67 63 or online at


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