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Legal and financial performance of small and medium companies

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The aim of the study is presenting the legal and financial operations of the practical aspect, which would avoid irregularities in your work.

1st Financial performance (business books and accounting documents)

2nd Taxes and contributions (personal tax, profit tax, VAT, contributions from wages)

3rd Agreements on the market of products and services (legal content and tax aspects)

4th Questions and answers

The training is designed for anyone seeking to establish and already existing small and medium-sized companies in Macedonia.

Location: Business Incubator – Bitola

When: 21st March, 2011 (12h – 16h)

 Methodology of work: Through practical advice and information in an easy and simple way, the trainers will have capture legal financial operations, while with your questions and encouraging discussion would be successfully implemented this training.

Each participant received written materials and in electronic form which can be used in further work.
Please confirm your presence dialing our numbers 047/236763; 047/220203 and electronically

 Thank you,

BSC Bitola


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