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3Biljana Ilieva Vanchevska, 30 years  Specialist dental technician

Petar Iliev, 26 years Graduated Economist

Private dental laboratory “Lab prodental” – Bitola

Biljana and Petar are brother and sister who decided to start a common business. Biljana is a specialist dental technician and Petar is a graduated economist. She was the prominent of her generation at the Medical College “Jordanka Filaretova” in Sofia, Bulgaria. He graduated at the Faculty of Economics in Skopje. Together they participated in the Business Plan Competition at the Business Start-Up Centre from Bitola. “That is the plan for the opening of our private dental laboratory “Lab prodental” which later will become a regional center for dental technique and further even in a small polyclinic, why not?”, says Bilijana.

The idea to open a private dental laboratory, to Biljana began smoldering after her returning in Macedonia, when she made a comparisons – how is approached at the things in Bulgaria and how here, in her country.

“While I was studying, for two years I worked in one of the most elite dental laboratories and I was studying their craft. It required aesthetics, quality, speed of work. The patient needed to be satisfied with the prosthetic device”, says Biljana. “When I came to intership in the Health Center in Bitola, where later I got a job, I was stuck to observe the situation. It was difficult to import at work that what I studied. I encountered great resistance. Later, when we transformed in to a private sector, when everybody started working the way they know, with material that everybody purchased, then I began to import in my work that what I have learned and I knew best”.

BSC in her life came through her brother Petar, who learned from the flyers around the city, for the Business Plan Competition and began to attend the trainings. “It was perfect. I didn’t expect that free training would be on so high level”, says Petar. “My pleasure and delight I passed on to my sister. At home we started to discuss how could we use our knowledge to implement on our business. And thanks to the persistence of the people from BSC and the Incubator, we created our business plan that was rated as the best”. The technical part was written by Biljana and the economical part by Petar. “From there you see that any profession, not combined with an economist, it would be difficult to survive and fight the way on the market. Because one is to expertise and another is the economic side”, considered Biljana.

Rated as the best, they determine to make use of all service packages form the Business Incubator: credit line, consulting services, office space, free registration of the firm, web site, including in the promotional materials of the BSC, recommendations. Now when it is certain that private dental laboratory will become a reality they are allocating the responsibilities. Petar will be in charge of the organization and marketing and Biljana for dental technique and introducing of new working methods that she will learn them from trainings in the country and beyond. “Our goal will be to have satisfied customers. Patients receiving treatment like in world centers where dental technique and dentistry work together as a centers of beauty.



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