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1Blagoja Pinzovski, economic technician, owner of “Vi-Ba Dizajn” Bitola.

“For seven years I have my own business. I make furniture: kitchens, living rooms, children’s rooms and bedrooms, in other words complete inside interior. My experience however is 15 years. And precisely because of that experience I says, that as a businessman, from the Business Start-Up Centre from Bitola, I got much more than from the state itself, from which I didn’t receive any help at all, just a big unfair competition, which is difficult to deal with”. That is how Blagoja Pinzovski economic technician, owner of “Vi-Ba Dizajn” from Bitola begins the conversation.

With making furniture plywood, mediapan, fibreboard and other material, Blagoja began working  as a hoby.  “I couldn’t find a suitable work by my profession and I had a great desire and love to work with wood. I started in the style – your own master at home.  Then, that what meant a hobby, spending a free time, became a source for existence. Right now I praise with 15 year experience and I can say that I am a professional in this business”.

Once he registered the company “Vi-Ba Dizajn”, Blagoja bought new machines, which he says is the newest peace of technology. “These are very expensive machines, which guarantee high quality prepared mabel. But after I bought them, I didn’t had a lot of funds for procurement of raw materials, which normally, became my problem. I solved the problem when some of my permanent customers, who already have cooperation with BSC, told me that the BSC can help me to come to favorable credit lines. I came here, sign up for the competition for best business plan and now I am on track to succeed in my intention”.

At the competition Blagoja prepared a business plan for the procurement for raw materials for his business, and the Commission has given him excellent grades for it. In the making of his business plan he was helped by the trainings and consultation organized by the BSC. “I must be honest and say that in the beginning I was skeptic at the whole thing and I didn’t believed that anything will come from it. Right now, I can only just recommend to those who want to open their own business, it’s best to contact the BSC for assistance, because in the country there isn’t a better institution of this type. In here with the consultant you can consult on issues from all fields. People understand you and help you. And most important, this is an institution that is not only helpful for beginners, but for companies that already exist”.

In BSC Blagoja regularly comes even after the competition. Now he is consulting for leading the marketing of his firm, because that was his weakness. He is confident that with the advices and knowledge that he is receiving here, he can promote his products better. And that will pretty much need him to win the new markets in Albania. “Now I am opening an exhibition lounge in Albania, were I found a partner to work. There are many new building sites and there are conditions for the development of my business. The biggest problem I think it will be the charging and if that is settled, and I an 100% sure it will, I think there will be no deductions in the work”.

The first salon furniture , manufacturing from “Vi-Ba Dizajn” will be opened in Korca, a city of about 400.000 inhabitants. Blagoja says that in the Albanian market in large amount is represented Italian and Greek furniture, but the quality that he offers will be nothing in behind. “The furniture will be manufactured here in Bitola and then transported there. In the company are now six employees, but with the expansion of the business in Albania there will be need for four new workers. I believe that a successful job is ahead of me, and part of the ”blame” for it will bear the Business Start-Up Centre from Bitola” says with a smile Pinzovski.



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