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11Only one step far from Bitola’s Shirok Sokak and yet away from the daily rush of the most famous street in the Balkans is Pizza “Metro”. Comfortable, intimate place with nice people in it. “We exist for almost nine years and we became a unique brand for Bitola. I think there isn’t a person in Bitola that didn’t heard about us and didn’t tried one of our specialties”, says Dejan Hristovski, owner of pizza “Metro”. “We have a permanent guests, but I am very pleased when I see new faces”.

The Business Start-Up Centre Bitola, as a supporter of firms that have idea and vision, in Dejan and his wife Jasmina, recognize the young people-caterers, who know what they want and are struggling to survive in the market.

The idea of opening a pizzeria came to a wedding trip to Italy and Great Britain. “We walked around through a bunch of restaurants, we tried all kinds of Italian pizza. In England the metro pizza left a big impression on us. When we returned here we decided to start something that will be ours and there you have it, we brought pizza metro in Bitola”, says Dejan. “The beginning was difficult, because it was just the two of us and two other employees, as a small family business”, joins Jasmina. “I was in the kitchen, Dejan with the guests. I say that when you start the business, he is like a baby. Until 40 days pass you can’t leave the baby, but you can’t the business either. You go home, but your mind is on the job. Slowly over the years we were struggling, proving, attracting visitors. Now we already have 12 employees”

The cooperation with the Business Start-Up Centre began after the enactment of the law introducing HACCAP system in catering. “The BSC organized seminars for HACCAP system, in which we as caterers had to participate. Everything I learned about it, I learned from there. They had excellent trainers” says Jasmina, and then she applies to the competition for best business plan. “The business plan was to upgrade the pizzeria, increasing the capacity of the kitchen, the oven, because as time went on, in “Metro” started coming more guests, we even had orders by phone, so with the capacity of the old kitchen we were unable to fulfill all of that”. The Commission made a solid mark, from which Jasmina was very pleased. “The trainings from which I learned how to make business plan were very helpful to me. And I wasn’t frightened at all, because I knew that BSC has people who will help me with anything at any time”. Dejan in the other hand, in the cooperation with BSC sees an opportunity to move forward in the development of the business. “When I come to buy my own space for my business and its expansion, I am convinced that I will turn to them for help again”.

But until that happens, Dejan and Jasmina invite you in “Metro” on Shriok Sokak. They will serve you with a genuine Italian pizza with mozzarella, tomato, basil, olive oil. “Simple taste, but authentic, that everybody likes” clarifies Jasmina, who is in charge of the menu and the recipes. “Overall they are my recopies. We don’t have a cook, on which we depend, I am the main person in the kitchen who teaches the others”.  On the menu there are also interesting salads, pasta, various cheeses, lean food, pie with dried tomatoes, but also there are cereals and he famous chocolate cube, which they say is spend like it is confectionery and not pizzeria. “On the menu there are some things that no other pizzeria and restaurant has, we try to offer something that will be ours. We don’t want to copy from others, but we want to be copied by the others”, says the both.

“Metro” over the years has become a recognizable place in Bitola. “We have a nice guests, family people. That makes me very happy, it makes me fell nice, because that was our idea in the first place. To create a place where even the both of us would like to sit and fell comfortable”, says Jasmina.



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