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Entrepreneurial course – Business planning in Demir Hisar 06th May and Krusevo 26th May

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In this interactive course you will learn: business training

  • What is entrepreneurship – an entrepreneur
  • How to choose and to asset your business idea
  • What is your mission, vision and goals
  • From what is consisted the financial plan
  • How to make market and competition analysis
  • How to make personal or company SWOT analysis
  • How to manage the marketing mix concept
  • To acquire managerial skills for better lead
  • How to make an effective business plan
  • How to gain support for Your business trough BSC Bitola

Surely you are wondering what makes an entrepreneur - an entrepreneur? Are there some specific features that are necessary to be successful entrepreneur? Yes, there are fortunately for all of you – they could be learn.

That’s why we have developed this two-day training that aims to contribute to the development of attitudes, knowledge and skills of people wishing to start or develop their business.

Who should attend?

• Existing or potential entrepreneurs who want to improve their business performance or
• Managers and staff in institutions for supporting and stimulating entrepreneurship

For the first time (but not the least), BSC Bitola brings this unique training directly to Your area. Check out the location and dates and attend for your good.

Demir Hisar> 06th and 07th May, 2011. Hall of culture in Demir Hisar (11h – 15h)

Krusevo> 26th and 27st May, 2011. Municipality of Krusevo (11h – 15h)

Who will be the trainer? Andrej Manevski – Entrepreneur, consultant and assistant on cathedra for business planning and entrepreneurship in the Technical Faculty in Bitola.

Application and registration: All interested people for this unique training could register their participation three days before the beagining of the training. The market price for this training is 4.000 denar, but the good news is that you will invest 0 (zero) denars. These conditions are enabled to you by BSC Bitola and the project “Business without borders”, financed by the American people through (USAID)- the American Agency for International Development.

For registration please fill out the application form today and reserve your place for acquiring the necessary business skills you need to confidently lead your business today and in the future ... transferred to a new and applicable way! Also you may register by phone 047 / 23 67 63 or by e-mail




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