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2 Stilisimo

Jovan Popovski, owner of the hairstyling salon “Stilisimo” - Bitola

"I never thought I would be a harstylist. I wanted to be a teacher. I attended the University of Biotechnology and had only four more exams to go. But I started doing this and now I wouldn't change it for the world.” This is how Jovan Popovski, owner of the hairstyling salon “Stilisimo” in Bitola, begins his story. For eight years now he has been giving men and women of Bitola style and beauty and has been his own boss for five years now.

“I started off as a male barber and then went to school to become a hairstylist. Hairstyling requires more styling work, more creativity, working with different types of people and I think I made the right choice. Proof of that are my satisfied customers,” says the not-meant-to-be biotechnologist.
He has two female employees working at his hairstyling salon. He regrets the fact that the interest in this craft is declining. “The young find it easier to graduate from college than to learn a craft. All of them are hoping to find an office job with their diplomas. They do not want to be hairstylists”, Jovan says. His salon is always full of people. He has regular customers, but also new ones who have heard of him and have decided to test his master skills. “I am constantly attending seminars where you can always see and learn new things, but the fact is that very little of what is presented can actually be used in practice. The new hairstyles and colors are rarely accepted. Then again, I do learn new skills that make my job easier. "
He heard about the Business Start-up Centre Bitola from a customer. He had also heard about the business plan competition and entered it. “I went to lectures, seminars and from there I learned about customer relations, how to win them over, gain their trust, have them want to experiment with hair, with color and buy products that are offered here.” His business plan was about expanding his business. “It was well rated. Today I still go to seminars organized by the BSC. When I can't go, I send my employees because they also need good communication skills. I follow the BSC's activities on the internet and recommend them to my colleagues, one can always gain something from the BSC,” Jovan says and explains further “The organization at the BSC-Bitola is such that if you don't have a business of your own they can give you an idea that works and if you already have your own then they can help you advance.”



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