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Peter Lakovski, Owner, of “Dream Cafe” - Bitola

Petar and I met at a training organized by the Business Start-up Center in Bitola. He would repeatedly mention that he has a dream to open up a coffee-house that will serve the best coffee in town. The next time we met was at “Dream Cafe”, his own coffee-house. His dream became a reality.

"We opened on October 6th, 2010 and, here we are, handling these waters well," Peter begins the conversation. "I am a lover of good coffee and I've always wanted to be able to offer the best coffee in town. Now I do. My persistence, desire and, of course the help from BSC - Bitola, gave great results. “
To offer the best coffee in a town where the people drink coffee every morning, noon and night, is a major challenge. Having coffee on Bitola's Shirok Sokak is a tradition. No one comes to this town under Pelister without sitting down for some coffee and a chat.

"Old Bitola folk know how to appreciate and drink good coffee, but the young lack in coffee culture. They drink it aimlessly, just to have a cup in front of them while chatting. Only a few truly recognize good coffee. For example, some do not distinguish between original and instant cappuccino. Only a few really know how to recognize it and that's why they come to my cafe to enjoy the coffee. "
Petar mastered the craft of making good coffee during his three-year stay in the Philippines where he attended a training to become a coffee-master, Barista.

"In order to be a good barista you have to know the composition of the coffee you are preparing very well, as well as its quality and of course to know how to work the coffee-making machine. I spent hours researching the internet, collecting recipes, making combinations with the coffee we have here, which lead to all the flavors I offer here today. I know coffee so well, that I can tell anyone what kind of coffee to have according to their mood. At first I listen to the visitors of "Dream Cafe” and if they are uncertain of what to order, I'm the one who makes the decision for them. So far I have always made the right choice", Petar says.

He started his collaboration with the Business Start-up Centre-Bitola as soon as he heard about it and all the opportunities it offers. He entered the competition for best business plan, attended all the trainings and created a plan that was ranked the highest. "I was one of the older visitors to the training, but attended regularly. I received quality training and learned a lot about entrepreneurship, how to run a good business and also made friends that are now my regular customers." Petar also mentions he received material assistance from BSC and that they designed a logo for him, advertising materials. "Our cooperation will continue in the future because I am already thinking about opening a larger establishment and employing more people. In order to succeed one must work hard and love what one does. The fruits will come by themselves ".



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