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Presenting business plans in front of jury commission 26 July

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On 22 July 2011, in Hotel Milenium - Bitola, was completed the second part of the evaluation of the participants who attended the Business Plan Competition 2011_2.

Its ideas, visions and missions, placed in a detailed prepared business plans , were presented by 22 existing and potential entrepreneurs from Bitola and the region in front of the 5-member jury. The jury was composed of representatives from the following sectors:




-          Municipality of Bitola (Partner institution of BSC Bitola - 1 representative)

-          University "Ss. Kliment Ohridski "- Bitola (Partner institution of BSC Bitola - 1 representative)

-          Eurostandard Bank – Skopje (Banking sector - 1 representative)

-          Business sector - 1 representative

-          And a representative from USAID Macedonia from the project for development of creative businesses

The participants in the Business Plan Competition included several departments they wish to develop their businesses in, where the most numerous were providing of services and manufacturing. The presentations, which lasted 10 minutes each and were in various forms ranging from "Power Point" presentations to presentation and sharing samples of their own products, were aimed at getting small credit line to start their own business or to expand it, support in meeting the basic ISO standards, and assistance in promotion and marketing of the existing businesses.

The juries closely followed the presentations of the business plans and complement them with appropriate questions, developing excellent communication which also helped for the presenters during their presentations. The Members of the jury together discussed and deliberate about the problems of exhibitors’ businesses and complement constructively towards finding a solution. When assessing business plans, the jury was most interested in the potential markets in which the businesses were going to engage in, that competition ahead and how they will be different from their competition.

The criteria under which the business plans were evaluated were concerning the personal or team characteristics and entrepreneurial experience, market activity, profits and financial sustainability and support for the local economy.

This was successfully completed another cycle of the Business Plan Competition, from which we are sure that it will come out successful businesses that will contribute to economic stability in Pelagonia and Ohrid. The final results of the Business Plan Competition 2011_2 are coming out very soon.

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