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Business Plan Competition 2011_3

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Raise your company profile and put it on the map of successful business stories.

Now we organize the eight Business Plan Competition and is open for submitting your business plans. Every each cycle we celebrate the potential and emerging of entrepreneurial talent across Macedonia.

In our business categories there is a place for everyone to find business as it own sector. From retail to online businesses. From women entrepreneurs to social responsible companies.

Apply for the Business Plan Competition 2011_3 and develop your business idea through the following support:

-          Reimbursement for registration of the companyPresentation1

-          Expert advice and promotional packages for company growth

-          Small loans up to 15.000 euros

-          Equipped offices in the Business Incubator – Bitola

Just by entering your business will gain:

-          Competitive advantage

-          Entering into group of companies supported by the Business Incubator – Bitola

-          Business plan who can be your tool for managerial success

Pleas download the documents for entry into the Business Plan Competition 2011_3 and follow the instructions.

  1. 1. Terms and conditions 2011
  2. 2. Judging criterias for the business plans 2011
  3. 3. Business plan gudelines 2011
  4. 4. Annex 1 (obligatory)
  5. 5. Annex 2 (the financial part)

If you have questions we encourage you to contact the team for organizing this competition on 047/236763 or

Greeting from the

Foundation BSC – Bitola team


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