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Virtual business networking

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Hello there,

 This Friday, August 19, 2011 (from 12 to 16 h) on the Facebook fan page of Business Start up Centre Bitola we will have a common virtual business networking ...

virtual business networkingWe invite you to share your Facebook Fan Pages (or blogs, Twitter, Linkedin or Google + accounts) and tell the world who you are or what you do or how best you serve your customers.

What you get? Certainly modern marketing approach to business networking, the art of introducing and meeting potential partners, customers and like minded people. We hope you will agree that business networking is the enrichment of the standard marketing activities of your company and carries less cost in generating sales and achieving cooperation.

Businesses are increasingly present on social networks like Facebook or Linkedin or Twitter in order to increase their circle of business contacts and promote them online.

Interested to see how it all works without spending a denar for that (OK, except for internet cost)??? Join us tomorrow for the virtual business networking on the Facebook wall of a Business Start up Centre Bitola

We are expecting you in a large number


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