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Training: Develop your own business - Prilep

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prilepGoals of the training:

Trainings like this offers to the participants a possibility to gain and develop their business skills which will use them to develop their business ideas into a business plan or to use them for better performances in running their businesses.

These trainings are also linked with the business plan competition organized by BSC Bitola Foundation, which will took place this autumn, whereat the participants can submit their business plans and compete for valuable prizes.



This training processes the following topics:

-Individual entrepreneurship characteristics;

-Development of management skills;

-Marketing strategies, development of product or services, market research;

-Мaking of a business plan and financial plan;


CEFE Methodology which will undertake: Simulation exercises, Role Exercises, Case Studies, Group Work, General Discussion and Short Lecturing.

At the end of the training, the participants will be able to:

Recognize and develop their-own entrepreneurial characteristics, recognize and develop good business idea, be able to define their goals, be aware and be able to calculate the risk, give and receive constructive feedback, make marketing mix concept, make marketing strategy, make their-own marketing plan, make their-own business plan, make their-own cash flow, make cost calculations, do their-own management of the company, do the risk analysis, do SWOT analysis, and present their business plan in front of the bankers.

Trainer: Zoran Vitanov

When will this happen?

01st – 02nd September 2011 (10h – 16h)


In the premises of the Foundation for support and development, str. Ivo Lola Ribar – Prilep

How to apply for this training?

Fill the electronic application form or feel free to contact us at 047/236763 and 047220203; no later than 30th August 2011.

Download the PDF brochure for detailed information


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