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The Mission of the Foundation BSC Bitola is to contribute towards the economic growth in Bitola and Pelagonia region through the promotion of entrepreneurship and support of small and medium sized enterprises. To fulfill its mission the Business Start Up Center Bitola is committed to support potential entrepreneurs for establishment or further development of their businesses.
The main activities that BSC Bitola offers to young entrepreneurs are: couching, training, networking, work space and micro-credit in order to lead to establishment of new and innovative enterprises.
The Partners of the Foundation are:
1. Municipality of Bitola,
2. Regional Chamber of Commerce,
3. University “ss. Kliment Ohridski”- Bitola.
One of the main projects of the BSC Bitola is the implementation of the project "Business Without Borders" – project financially supported by the American Agency for International Development (USAID) and will be realized in the period 2011 to 2013 year.
The aim of this project is to accelerate economic development in the southwest part of Macedonia through the establishment of new enterprises, development of growth and competitiveness of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), creating new jobs and opportunities for young people, unemployed and vulnerable groups. Also development of a regional framework for SME development, through BSC Bitola activities, the Business Incubator and our partners from the public, private and education sector.
The project has three components that correspond to the three main goals:
Component 1: Support and establishment of businesses
Component 2: Development and sustainability of the Business Incubator - Bitola
Component 3: Regional cooperation in economic development
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Name of the project: Business without borders

The goal of this project is to accelerate economic growth in southwestern Macedonia by facilitating the startup of new enterprises: the growth and competitiveness of existing micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs); job creation and employment opportunities for the young, vulnerable and unemployed; and improving the regional framework of MSME development through the activities of Business Startup Center Bitola (BSC-Bitola), its business incubator, and local and regional partners in public, private, civil society and academic sectors. The goal of the project is in compliance with the USAID priorities. It directly responds to the miscroentreprise sector of the Development Grants Program RFA and the USAID Macedonia economic strategy to “improve the overall business environment and investment policy, while assisting individual firms and agribusiness in increasing theirs competitiveness and productivity”.

Partners of the three year project are: Bitola Municipality, Regional Chamber of Commerce-Bitola and the University St.Kliment Ohridski in Bitola.

The project consists of three components corresponding to the three objectives:

Component 1: Business Startup and support

Component 2: Business Incubator Development and Sustainability

Component 3: Regional cooperation in Economic Development

Component 1 provides support to entrepreneurs, existing MSMEs and unemployed citizens through portfolio of assistance aimed at starting and registering innovative new micro enterprises, supporting the growth of existing MSMEs and bridging the gap between job seekers and employers. MSME and human resource development activities include a) business plan writing course, b)business plan competition c)MSME training portfolio, d) human resource development services, e) credit facility loan guarantee fund, f) MSME consulting services and g) Technology-Transfer tool box, a set of development tools targeting technology toolbox, a set of development tools specifically targeting technology development and transfer.

The Component 2 aims to improve the financial and operational sustainability of BSC Bitola so as to reduce or eliminate the necessity for future international donor support by developing new revenue streams, expanding space and operations, implementing cost-share practices, reducing expenses and increasing shareholder and partner inputs.

The last component enhances interaction between actors in four sectors (public, private, civil-society and academic) at municipal, regional and national levels through cooperation and collaboration on economic development initiatives. BSC Bitola will examine economic development efforts and programs, enhance existing forums through our active participation and assess various entry points for support to increase and improve collaboration between MSMES development actors.




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