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Training for successful fair appearance

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DSC04812In pursuit for successful presentation of the companies of the local, regional fairs (EXPO-Bitola, Lokum Fest) in cooperation with Nikola Dimkovski from the regional chamber in Bitola, it was held one-day training for fair appearance.

Through the training, 10 companies-participants saw the link between the formal and informal part of one fair. Formal side which includes all procedures, presenting the exhibits, materials, exemplary behavior and informal side concerning negotiations with clients, body language of the customers, messages which have to be send for successful presentation of the company.

The training was enriched with different commercial materials and catalogues from the fairs from other countries, for better visualization and ideas which may be used for presentation. Surely the open discussion through various practical questions, gave excellent flow of the training which was finalized with recommendations for fair appearance.


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