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Training “Public relations”

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DSC04698In the frames of regularly activities of the workshops/trainings in the Business Incubator on 02.07.2009, it was held one day training on topic: “Public relations-PR” for promotion of new businesses.

Sonja T. Gruevska - experienced and well reputed journalist, as a trainer, succeeded to transfer to the participants, the gains and the techniques which one company may use for promotion in public.

The twelve companies had the opportunity to discuss and to practice the following topics which were included in the training:

Bases of the Public relations
  • Types of public relations
  • Goals
  • Activities and roles in PR
  • Advertisement and marketing
Understanding the media
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different types of media
  • Attracting media attention
  • Tools of media representation
Interactive exercises
  • Participation in interactive TV/Radio interview

This training has helped the participants to understand the easiest and the best way how to make a contact with media, in order to use them for their individual promotion.


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