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Good news for you, Leaders and Managers: 31 May

Finally leaders’ and managers’ positions are well represented and are more numerous in our country and more importantly for us, in the Pelagonija region.

Despite these obvious signs of success, still, many of us who are climbing on leaders’ and managers’ positions feel that the road is full of obstacles. Surely you felt, on your road, that you have to continuously prove yourself again and again and as soon as you achieve results you feel that you have made one step forward and two steps backwards. If you affirmatively nod your head just now, then we are excited to tell you that for all of you who have felt this way and who felt the need to develop skills and habits for confidently handling their everyday obligations, we are developing, along with Prof. Konstantin Petkovski, the training for “Leader and Managerial skills”.

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Demir Hisar enriched with new entrepreneurial knowledge 12 May

18 participants on the training for business planning, which was held on 06th and 07th May, 2011 at the Hall of Culture in Demir Hisar, have gained new knowledge and skills for business planning. The attendees have acquainted with the business plan concept and which financial forecasts are required for effective business plan.

Andrej Manevski as a trainer shared his knowledge and entrepreneurial experience with participants and trough practical tasks have enclosed the concepts and resources how to choose potential business idea, how to asset the right idea, how to make SWOT analysis for it, to answer of the essential questions that market asks and finally, to perceive the finances which are required for developing that concept.

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Training for business planning in Novaci 18 April

On the 14th and 15th of April 2011, in the municipal building of the Municipality of Novaci we held a training for business planning. At the training, individuals from various structures were present- entrepreneurs, unemployed, employed, students etc.

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USAID Launched the project Business Without Borders 7 April

Оn 7th of April, USAID launched Business Without Borders, a three-year project to accelerate growth in southern Macedonia.  The project will assist small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) as generators of economic growth and development.  It will help existing companies to further develop, as well as unemployed and potential entrepreneurs to find employment and to realize their ideas by opening their own businesses.

“The small enterprises we support through this assistance are expected to create 250 new jobs, partially targeting populations that have more difficulty prospering on the labor market, such as women and youth,” said USAID Mission Director Robert Wuertz.

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Training for acquiring business skills in Mogila 24 - 25 Мarch

With great interest for the intensive training for business skill we commenced the trainings in the Municipality of Mogila.

On March 24th and 25th 2011 from 11 till 15 o’clock in the municipal building of Mogila the doors opened for participants of the intensive training for developing business skills and in those two days many gatherings and contacts amongst participants developed and experiences were exchanged from the area of entrepreneurship.

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