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Present with Power and Confidence 1 April

On 01 and 02 April 2011, in the Business Incubator – Bitola it was realized the training for gaining presentation skills and advices. The participants were from different business sectors from the region and submitters of business plans for this year competition.

The aim was unique … to learn and experience how to create powerful and successful presentation for their products and services, and to lead competitive advantage.

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How to successfully present your business plan 25 March

Foundation - Business start up centre Bitola, in the period 25th March, 2011 have organized a meeting with the submitters of business plans to this year competition where were presented some techniques and given advices how to perform and present their business plans in front of the BSC Commission.

This seminar emphasized several important points, tips and counsels about preparing and running a presentation in front of relevant institutions...

When the time comes to present yourself before BSC Commission or other parties (your bank manager, investor or backer), treat the meeting just as you would any interview. Here are some advices that we want to share with you:

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Celebration and promotion in Municipality of Novaci 30 March

We are grateful to the Municipality of Novaci for inviting us to their celebration honoring their 14 years of existence as municipality at which the organized manifestation and cocktail party contributed so that we could spend quality time and feel fulfilled. We met a lot of people from the local community and discussed future collaboration between BSC Bitola and citizens of the municipality. Some of the subjects discussed were about our activities and how they could contribute to developing the entrepreneurship in the region.

The promotional team of BSC Bitola had promotional space where the interested could get informed about the forthcoming training “Business Planning” that will be held in Novaci. The initial dates are 15th and 16th of April 2011 and will be held at the Municipality. Furthermore, we went to some of the surrounding companies and introduced them to the support and programs that BSC Bitola can offer to existing and potential entrepreneurs.

All in all, March 30th was a maximally fulfilled day for making new contacts and friendships between representatives of BSC and citizens of the Municipality of Novaci. May this day, March 30, be celebrated for a long time and may you live to see many years filled with success, health and prosperity.

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Information meeting with existing and future volunteers in BSC 21 March

On Monday (03.21.2011), in the BSC’s offices  in Bitola, a meeting was held with volunteers both existing and potential – with employees of the Foundation. At the meeting was presented the activity of Foundation BSC, how it works, what is the target group and objectives of that work. Some of the participants are already working in their own NGO’s and this meeting helped in explaning how does the Foundation work and how to gain experiences that can be applied in their daily work in order to achieve success.

All sorts of opportunities were presented to the volunteers, how they can be included in the current work plan of the Foundation, how they can contribute in the work and what would they gain from their volunteer activity.

This meeting shows that BSC takes care of the capacity building and human recourses of the NGOs of the region, invests in their development, because that contributes to strengthening the NGO sector which is very important for the whole society. Along with these efforts, it is inseparable part that through these meetings BSC contributes to the development of human resources, and of course with quality human resources, the organization is moving towards success.

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Collaboration between projects of USAID in Bitola 17th and 18th March

On the 17th and 18th of March BSC Bitola held a meeting with citizens of neighborhood Bair, Bitola, in order to present the legal forms of joining waste collectors in Bitola.

At the meeting, representatives of BSC Bitola were present, a representative of the project of USAID in Bitola, collectors of waste from the Roma community, representatives from NGOs Biosfera and Bairska Svetlina as well as the owners of the future plant for waste recycling.  This project is under the leadership of USAID Macedonia titled New possibilities for the informal collectors of plastic waste. This project has already begun in Skopje as well. The same was presented before the ones who attended as example of how the project should go. Samedin Kananovski from Bairska Svetlina presented the USAID project as well as the benefits of it.

BSC Bitola presented their programs for support of entrepreneurship, in this case, as one of the possibilities for legalizing informal waste collectors. Trainings that are organized by BSC for receiving business skills as well as workshops for helping people who lack experience in running a business, were also presented. At the meeting, possible ways of joining informal waste collectors in legal subjects was discussed as well as the circle of collecting waste, its storage, purchase of waste and their place in future forms as legal subject.

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