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USAID awarded a grant to BSC Bitola 12th March

U.S. Agency for International Development USAID on a press conference held on 14.03 (Monday) announced the recipients of five new grants totaling $5.1 million for projects for support of the entrepreneurship and energy efficiency in the country. Both U.S. Ambassador Mr. Philip Reeker and Mission Director Mr. Robert Wuertz spoke at the conference, as well as Macedonian Minister of Economy Mr. Fatmir Besimi.

Business Start Up Center is one of the five organizations in the country, who received three-year grant of 1.3 million dollars for the project Business without borders. News for the grants were announced almost in all media (Sitel, Vecer, Makfax,,.....), as well as on the websites of the Ministry of Economy and Chamber of Commerce. For more info, see the links in the section of our website-BSC in the media.

 We want to express our gratitude to all our partners, clients, associates, friends .... who support us to the path toward higher goals and mutual benefits. Without your trust and cooperation we wouldn’t get here. We sincerely hope for further successful cooperation. The successes are continuing in the future…



A memorandum for collaboration with Municipality of Mogila has been signed 24th March

On March 24th at the Municipality of Mogila a signing of Memorandum for collaboration between Foundation BSC and the Municipality of Mogila was conducted.

The Memorandum is a step forward towards improvement of economic development of the region as well as motivating entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship thinking. In fact, with this Memorandum the collaboration between the Municipality and the Foundation will strengthen and will be invested in the economic development of the entire Pelagonija region.

Part of the collaboration will be realised through undertaking mutual activities for the realisation of business trainings, seminars, workshops, in order to increase information knowledge and develop business skills of the population in the direction of supporting entrepreneurship which would contribute towards greater economic development, further support of small and medium enterprises (SME) of the region, towards improving innovativeness and competition as well as other activities.


Promotion and gathering in Mogila

On 22nd March 2011, BSC Bitola stuff went to the Municipality of Mogila to meet with the attendees for our upcoming events.

Concretely it was promoted and communicated the benefits which they will gain from participating in the Business plan competitions 2011 and the trainings for business planning. We are thankful for the great interest and hospitality of the local community and the quality time and connections we made there.

On 24 and 25 March, 2011 we will realize the entrepreneurial training course in building of the Municipality. We promise and guarantee results and good time.

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BSC-the most successful in the field of non-governmental organizations

Climbing on the ladder of success with hard work and dedication continues in our organization. Each day we try to be as better as we can and to succeed in accomplishment of our goals.

One of the recognitions for the successes of the Business Start Up Center Bitola during the 2010 come from the editorial staff of “Bitolski Vesnik”. The popular and prestigious event “Choosing the most successful citizens of Bitola “ which Bitolski Vesnik has been organizing in the last twelve years, dedicated to successful individuals and institutions for 2010, BSC was awarded with the highest recognition-“The best in the area of ​​non-governmental organizations”. The event was held at the Hotel Epinal Bitola, where there were a number of notable persons and guests from political, diplomatic, economic and public life. Choosing the best citizens of Bitola was performed in several categories: politics, economy, education, culture, journalism, NGOs, sports, etc.

With this recognition BSC has proven once again that the successes are part of our everyday life. With great diligence and dedication in our work, building success after success, we walk firmly with confidence together with our customers, partners, associates. We continue bravely in the future ...... to new successes.

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Which training topics you prefer in 2011?

In the period between 29th December 2010 and 15th January 2011, BSC Bitola provided a survey on our potential training attendees. The objective was to consider your preferences on the training topics, the timetables which are most acceptable for you and to have better marketing decisions regarding the offers for trainings.

To see the report and results from the survey, please follow this link.

As we promised, we will select three respondents who will gain participation at training organized by BSC Bitola in 2011.

The following trainings are proposed in February:

-          Entrepreneurial course – How to establish own business?

-          Finances and accounting for non financial managers

How to choose the winners? We propose the following way: Every respondent has own registration number (1-100). We would like to ask our readers to mark three different numbers ranging from 1 to 100. Yours votes will be counted until Friday 11th. The numbers which will be most repeated will be our winners. The voting will be also available on our Facebook page

We want to hear from our followers. The survey continues - What are your training preferences for 2011?


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