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Presented the results from the project “From Idea to Business”

Those who bravely step towards new challenges, those are the same who are achieving major successes. They open a new path and leave a trail like no one before. This trail is one that many follow, but originality belongs to those who have firstly created. Business Start Up Center has left the trace of originality with its work over the past four years of the project “From Idea to Business”.

The dedication and hard work of BSC was celebrated on Thursday at 23.12 with a presentation of the results of the project which ends this year, on a spectacular event filled with lots of fun, music, and networking. BSC is a project founded in 2007 by the Netherlands NGO SPARK, through a grant from the government of the Kingdom of Netherlands, implemented along with 6's local partners (Municipality of Bitola, University St. Kliment Ohridski, Regional Chamber of Commerce - Bitola, Agency for promotion of entrepreneurship of the R.Macedonia, Regional Enterprise Support Center and Faculty for Technical Science-Bitola).

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How marketing communications work for us

On 17th and 18th December 2010 we saw what marketing communications are, what they consist of, and how they look in practice. The conclusion is that companies and their brands, institutions and their leaders, organizations and their members face daily to large and complex challenges. Media space and communication facilities are constantly changing and that affects the habits and the ability of the public to receive all messages. To overcome and continue with the development, companies need effective communication with target groups and set clear goals.

The trainer, Zoran Vitanov, who is also the founder and manager of the Consulting Company "Trade Consulting” and president of the organization CEFE Macedonia, shared his insights in:

1) The communication process
2) Elements of the communications mix (economic propaganda, sales promotion, public relations and publicity, personal selling, direct marketing)
3) Developing a framework for marketing communications
4) Proper selection of media
5) Understand the value of the brand and its positioning
6) Gains from the integrated marketing communication strategies

The training was held at Millennium Hotel - Bitola and lasted two days. We invite you to see the pictures of the most interesting moments on our Facebook page.

Now, when you get new knowledge and perspectives in marketing communications and how it can help your business – we encourage you to apply it now.

We want to wish you success!


23th December 2010 – Results from the project “From idea to business”

We are announcing you the event whereat will be present the results from the project:

“From idea to business”

BSC Bitola and its partners (Bitola Municipality, University St. Kliment Ohridski, Regional chamber of commerce, Regional enterprises supportive center – Bitola, Agency for promoting the entrepreneurship of the Republic of Macedonia and the Technical Faculty – Bitola), in the period 2007 -2010, has jointly worked on the project “From idea to business”. This project had an overall goal to contribute towards the economic development in Bitola and the Pelagonia region.

This goal was accomplished by three strategies which aimed at sustainable poverty reduction:

1. Activities that assisted in job-creation, primarily through the establishment of new innovative SMEs. Existing SMEs were facilitated to develop more swiftly.

2. Capacity Building through developing the local capacity of economic and educational institutions that are ultimately geared towards direct poverty alleviation.

3.  Supporting a more effective participation in policy making by local economic and educational institutions in the policy making process locally, nationally and internationally.

At this event we would like to thank to all our institutional partners, business sector representatives, consultants, supporters and all those who participated at various activities and contributed successful ending of this project.

Due to the successfully realized project “From idea to business” we have the pleasant honor to announce You the forthcoming event which will be contained by:

+ Presentation of the results from up to now working

+ Cocktail party

+ Networking

+ Excellent music

Date: 23th December 2010 | Guests registration: 11:30h – 12:00h |

Beginning of the event: 12 h | Location: club INFINITY – Bitola

For further information, comments or feedback please call us at 047/23 67 63 and 047/22 02 03

Our quote “The ideas do become businesses – the courage has brilliance, courage and magic inside” will not stop here. From 2011 onwards, we are continuing to work with you, towards achieving greater successes.


What's the most important skill for an entrepreneur to have?

There are a good number of skills that are important. But in any business, nothing happens until a sale is made, so I would say the number one skill is learning to sell -- or how to sell better.

Unfortunately, that's an answer a lot of owners don't like to hear. Why? Because most of them are specialists or "technicians" who like to do the work, but don't really know how to sell it to customers.

If you are a good salesperson already, your job is to become better and train those around you to do what you do. It's also important to transfer your own knowledge to your coworkers so they can know what you already know.

This will help leverage your skills in your own enterprise, and will help turn your company into a real sales machine. If you aren't a great salesperson, you have two options: Learn how to be one, or hire a great sales person to sell for you. Hiring a salesperson is a great option, but easier said than done.

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Round table with USAID representatives

On 09th of November in Hotel Millennium Bitola a roundtable conference was organized with the aim to present the two new projects that USAID plans to launch in Pelagonia region and getting feedback on whether they are well designed, what can be corrected and evaluating  their potential for success.

The roundtable was attended by 26 participants, representatives from several municipalities from the sector for Local Economic Development, the Centre for development of Pelagonia region, Pelagonia- PREDA, the Agency for Support of the Entrepreneurship in RM, the Regional Chamber of Commerce, the director of technical secondary school "Georgi Naumov" – Bitola, representative of the University “ St. Kliment Ohridski "- Bitola and several executives of large and smaller new companies.

Once both projects were presented: 1. Small Enterprise Development and 2. Career Center for vocational secondary schools, a discussion was developed, in which participants starting from their field of competence and experience, gave suggestions and advices on how to implement these projects and in the same time to achieve maximum positive effect. The discussion lasted three hours, and continued in an  informal way at the cocktail party with which this event came to its end.

This is just one of the many events with which the Foundation Business Start Up Center Bitola directly contributes to the development of Pelgonia region.



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