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Presentation of programs for support of small and medium enterprises and ways of appllying

The Business Incubator-Bitola, organises three-day training, supported by the Ministry of Economy,  on topic: Presentation of programs for support of small and medium enterprises and ways of applying

When: 18th, 19th and 20th November

Where: Business Incubator-Bitola-Mesna Zaednica Veljko Vlahovic ul.Krushevo bb

Why to attend?

This training is excellent for you to learn about wide range of programs specifically designed to support small and medium enterprises: what the programs offer, what  their strengths are, which are necessary for your business. On the first day of training various programs are going to be presented, for which you can personally apply with a project.

On the second and third day is going to be held workshop for practical writing of projects and realizing and implementing your ideas. All participants in the training will be divided into sectors: tourism, agriculture, IT companies, manufacturing and services. In this practical workshop you will learn how to write a project and apply for one of the programs.

Simply, only in three days, you will obtain a large amount of information and skills which are necessary for your company, where and how to apply and how to write a practical project.

Take this unique opportunity to attend this training which will definitely bring success in your company.

For more information and registration please contact us on: phone / fax 047 22 02 03, e-mail or in person in the Business Incubator premises.

The number of participants is limited, deadline for application-15 November.


Celebrated the second birthday of the Business Incubator

On 3 November Business Incubator celebrated the second birthday-two years filled with achievements, progress and continuous improvement. The celebration took place in the premises of the Business Incubator, which were redesigned in modern disco style with a great atmosphere. There were a number of guests: companies, partners, friends ...... who congratulated for the successful two-years working.

The birthday marked the upper line, which the Incubator climbs steadily on with the work- supporting great number of companies and helping them to grow. The Incubator is always there with the support, enabling many businesses to achieve their goals and to come more closely to the acomplishment of every small part of their vision. Two years filled with hard work continues ahead, with dynamic pace, all of these aimed for increase of growth and development of businesses. In day to day work, the Incubator creates constantly motivating environment for entrepreneurship development in Pelagonia, creating conditions for anyone with entrepreneurial spirit to realize his/hers dream.

This birthday testifies for the work of the Incubator-The Incubator grows more and more and is happy with the success of companies. Their successful work, their progress are priceless wealth for the Incubator, because their every step forward is a step forward for the Incubator. Birthday is just another confirmation that successes do not stop here, they still continue .......



Mitrovica Winter University 2011 (MWU 11)

Dear Students,

We are delighted to inform you that this year, for the fifth time, Mitrovica Winter University 2011 (MWU 11) will be organized! Therefore, we are looking for highly motivated students who want to participate in the MWU 11 and to make it an unforgettable experience. We also would like to ask you to spread the word about MWU and invite all of your friends to apply for Mitrovica Winter University!

The 5th edition of the Mitrovica Winter University will be held between 21st January and 4th February 2011. Continuing with the original format, the program for MWU 11 will bring together local and international professors and students, providing an opportunity to learn and share experiences. During the Mitrovica Winter University 2011 six courses will take place on the following topics:

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Terms of Reference: Study for development of European Innovation Scoreboard for R. Macedonia

Terms of Reference

Study for development of European Innovation Scoreboard for Republic of Macedonia


Lokum Fest 2010

On 22-24th of July in Bitola’s Old Bazaar was held the forth edition of the event called “Lokum fest”. The Business Incubator Bitola, as a supporter and participant of the event provided space, stands, technical assistance and support for promotion of the companies that supports and cooperates with.

Most companies, including “Ciklus” from Prilep-company for processing and packaging of granular products, perfumery “Kala” and tennis Academy “AT Pavlovski” from Bitola, took the opportunity to promote their products and services, acquire new potential customers, strengthening their brands and networking with traders, artisans and other representatives of the business sector.

The great attendance of the stands was another confirmation of a great interest in entrepreneurship, cooperation, opportunities and support offered by the Business Incubator for opening and developing new businesses.

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