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The Business Incubator on “Lokum Fest”

This summer, as well as the previous, the Business Incubator will be a part of the event “Lokum fest”, which will be held from the 22-24th of July in Bitola’s Old Bazaar.

The idea of the event is through the hearty tradition of openness and friendship to revive the Old Bazaar, combine tradition with modern, with coffee and music to connect people from different cultures, artisans and entrepreneurs.

With its participation, the Business Incubator will provide space, stands, technical assistance and support for promotion of several companies that supports and cooperates with. This will help companies to present their products and services, for strengthening their brands and acquiring new and potential customers. This event offers media coverage, promotion, networking and entertainment. Be a part of the fourth edition of “Lokum Fest”, visit our stands and celebrate tradition, art and music.


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How to present a business idea to investor

Usually, the pitch about your business idea is designed to attract attention to a potential investor or someone whom you will find at official or unofficial meeting are carried out in 150 words which could be pronounced in one minute.

At a seminar held on 15th July 2010, the Business Incubator - Bitola, the attendees had the opportunity to put in the role of presenters before potential investor. In other words, the participants experienced, heard and saw what is the sense, how is functioning and what are the issues needed to have ready if you want to present what you sell to someone, or to attract attention to what other people have very little or no knowledge.

All interested attendees who recognized further cooperation, feel free to communicate BSC Bitola for next correspondence with the presenter of this seminar Dr. Clyde.

This seminar does not end there, it was just a sign of practical training that will teach you how to make a good pitch for your business idea and will include: how well to prepare for the presentation of your business idea, how to make a written proposal and which is the most effective way to present to investors.



Training for promoters and presenters

On 25th and 26th of June was held training for promoters and presenters. On the training on excellent way were presented the skills which are needed to be successful presenter and promoter. Furthermore was explained the importance of these skills as one of the most needed for success on today’s market.

Also on the training participants have learned how to create excellent presentation of a products and services in order to make and advantage before their competition on the market. The impressions of the participants are very positive. With great pleasure they are telling that this training has shown to them the best way how to be successful in their presentation and promotion.




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Awarding of certificates in the municipality of Resen

The 18th of June 2010, at 17 o'clock in the premises of the great assembly hall of the Municipality of Resen was held the ceremony of awarding with certificates to those which successfully accomplished the trainings for business planning in Resen.

Trainings were held in premises of the Municipality of Resen, between April-May 2010, which Business Start Up Centre Bitola, has expanded its activities in the Prespa region. Trainings in business planning were divided into two groups involving a total of forty people from Resen and the surrounding area. Participants gained knowledge and skills how to develop a complete business plan, meeting his marketing, financial and theoretical segments. We are especially proud of the participants who made the group or individual business plans for which BSC Bitola will provide support in implementation.

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