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Participation to the Conference-It's time to invest-Growing SMEs

From 2 to 4th of June in Hague, the Netherlands was held a conference-It's time to invest-Growing SMEs where 100 entrepreneurs from around the world participated and had an excellent opportunity for meetings with potential investors.

Two companies from Bitola: ANS Printing House and Kandi market with support of BSC in the application and preparation of business plans, were selected and gained the support from SPARK, among the top five companies from the Balkan. On the conference the companies had the opportunity to make contacts with potential investors and network with other companies. Also each of the companies had their own space where they presented their business and business plan and on that way to take the advantage of the chance of attracting foreign investments.

This conference is unique opportunity for opening to the global market of the companies and networking in the global competition. Opportunities that are offered to the companies are enormous for progress in their business and continuous improvement. More information on the following link:



Business Conference Tom Hopkins

On 1st June Tuesday, companies supported by the Business Incubator participated on the conference of the legendary number one selling man - Tom Hopkins, who in his 30-year career, has trained over three million professional sale managers worldwide while today 35 000 corporations use his sales techniques. The theme of the conference was: Sale, negotiation and networking and was held in Skopje organized by the training center Triple S and CEED.

Tom Hopkins has revealed the secrets for sale of the companies, how to sell in these times when less people are buying. On the conference he talked about the fear of buyers and thus followed advices from the personal experience of Hopkins how to turn these fears into opportunities. In excellent way the expert Hopkins showed attendees how to develop their businesses, which are the power of negotiating, security in communication and the power of networking in finding new customers.

More than 300 people were present from our country, Kosovo, Albania, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia. Impressions of the companies supported by the Business Incubator are very positive. They just say - We heard the secrets of sales that will definitely help us in developing our businesses.



Legal and financial performances of the small and medium sized companies

Entrepreneurs, managers and individuals seeking to establish their own business were part of the training, "Financial legal work for small and medium companies" held on 26th May 2010 in Business Incubator - Bitola. The lecturers Frosina Anevska and Oliver Ilievski who are experts in legal and economic matters Powered topics provided with this training. The contents that were discussed included lectures and advice on how to establish company and its legal forms. the costs for forming an enterprise, forms and types of taxes, advice on the operation of labor relations in a company, contracts in the operation of commercial enterprises.

Numerous discussions and questions from the audience led to learning through the exchange of experiences of everyday work and facing the legal and financial aspects of their operations.

At the end of the training the participants had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Clyde, professor of marketing at the University of Texas, United States. He is a representative in Macedonia for investing funds in working with small and medium-sized companies and offer entrepreneurs opportunities to achieve their ideas and goals for improvement of businesses.



In search of foreign investors

Business Start-up Centre (BSC) Bitola helped two companies, printing house ANS and Kandi Market from Bitola, to participate in the conference in Hague, on which will require investors or donors to help to develop their business. 

More on the link:


Conference- Growing of SME it’s time to investment

This conference, which will be held on June 2 in Hague, The Netherlands is the ideal market for investment in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in developing economies. 100 SME entrepreneurs from around the world will participate and will have this great chance to meet with potential investors.

Two of the five companies that SPARK will support from the Balkans are from Bitola, which according to their business plans were selected among the best and received support for participation from SPARK. This is a great success for both, the companies and the Business Start Up Center.

The conference will bring together entrepreneurs who have excellent opportunities to present themselves to investors and to acquire investments to develop their businesses. Simply, the companies are opening the door for developing their business and networking with other companies in the global market.



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