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Invitation for 4th August Summer Networking Event

On behalf of our successful work, we invite you оn August 4th (Thursday) at 11:30 am at Business Incubator to be part of the event which will be hold in honour of the visit of  Mr Brian Aguilera (Deputy U.S. Ambassador to the Republic Macedonia), Mr. Robert Vurc (Director of USAID Mission in Macedonia), Mr. Joseph Lizard (President of the Office of Economic development USAID) and Ms. Tatiana Markovska (regional manager of the Office of Economicdevelopment).

 Аt the event will be organized mini-fair of the companies supported by the BSC Bitola Foundation. On the fair will be presented: Biomarel, Teniss Academy Pavlovski, Salt room Solina, Invest Media from Ohrid and other companies from the last Business Plan competition held in July this year.


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lokum fest 2011 7

Foundation BSC Bitola at Lokum fest 2011 14 July

On the fifth edition of Lokum Fest within the cultural art summer festival Bitfest, Business Start up Centre Bitola Foundation performed with its own stand. On the stand were promoted its previous completed projects and activities.

The attendance and the interest of the visitors to the stand of the BSC Bitola Foundation were enormous. The interested visitors were asking how faster and more efficiently to develop their own business.

Also, three other companies, which are supported by the BSC Bitola Foundation, presented their work at Lokum Fest: Company BIOMAREL SHIITAKE Ltd. Bitola, a family business of Spirkoski’s family, deals with shiitake mushroom production in Macedonia. Those mushrooms validates for actual health delicacy, with more vitamins than any vegetable; Company SOLINA Ltd. Bitola, well-known Salt room in our town whose services are recommended to athletes, to people with bronchial disorders, reduced immunity; FRO MAP Company Ltd. Prilep, which prior activity is producing confection dolls and pillows, recognizable by their chic and unique appearance.

Take a look of the most interesting moments that our camera captured.

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Creating a culture of enterprising women 5 July

Women are under-represented among Macedonia’s business owners. This means that there are many women in Macedonia who could be obtaining all the benefits that would come from running their own business but it also means that there is a very real loss to the Macedonian economy. The Republic of Macedonia, and its regions, is missing out on a major resource.

The Business Start up Centre – Bitola trough its activities and program is aiming to promote and support women entrepreneurship in the Pelagonija region, particularly now in Ohrid.

According to our data 25% from the 98 women which were included in the Business plan competitions organized by BSC Bitola, have opened their own businesses.

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BSC leader in the region 01 July

Guests from three Business Startups Center from Kosovo on first of July are going to visit BSC in order to see how successful it works, to take experiences and to introduce these experiences into their organization. Guests will be closely acquainted with the manner of management of BSC, the organization of activities and how to implement them in their Business Centers.

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Planers not always win but winners always plan 31 May

This title was experienced by the participants of the business planning trainings in Demir Hisar, Bitola, Krushevo and Resen. These trainings were held in May 2011 where the participants were presented how to structure and divide the business plan into smaller parts in order to make it more understandable and contain the necessary elements and they worked on acquiring writing skills through practical excursuses in order to understand the various sections of the business plan.

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