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Presentation skills training

Business start - up centre - BSC Bitola, in order to meet the needs of all participants of the Business Plan Competition 2009_1, is organizing "Presentation skills training"
30th June - 02nd July 2009 (15-20 h) at the premises of Business Incubator - Bitola which is located in gratceto Pejton, MZ, Veljko Vlahovik), str Krusevo bb.

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Intensive Business Skills Training - Bitola

Intensive Business Skills Training - Bitola In order to meet the interest of all individuals which want to gain the required business skills for their further business planning, BSC Bitola organizes intensive business skills training.

The training will be held from 27th - 30th of May, 2009 (15h - 20h) at the Business Incubator – Bitola, situated in MZ Veljko Vlahovic, Krusevo bb.

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