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Marketing communications training


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BSC Bitola on 17th and 18th December 2010 organizes training which helps growing owner-led companies create and implement integrated marketing communications plans that build brand awareness, energize sales and solidify bonds with your best customers.


Is it for me?

This two-day course is designed for people who want to perfect or increase their knowledge of the communications mix. Dealing with both above and below the line communications in addition to planning and measurement tools, this course offers a truly holistic view of marcomms.

What will it cover?

  • The Communications Process
  • The communications mix
  • Communications Development Framework
  • Media Choice
  • Understanding brand equity and brand positioning
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Communication Plan Evaluation
  • Direct Marketing

What will I learn?
By the end of this practical course you will be able to:

  • Understand the interaction of the communications mix.
  • Know how the communications process works.
  • Use the appropriate communications tools.
  • Integrate electronic media into the mix.
  • Use above, below and through the line effectively.
  • Get the best value from the communication spend.

Who is the trainer? Mr. Pece Joveski

Where will be held? At the Business Incubator’s training premises – Bitola

Enroll today:

Your total investment will be only 1.500 denars, for exclusive possibility to gain appropriate knowledge for improving and augmenting the marketing strategies for company success.

After completing the training you will obtain a certificate published by BSC Bitola, and materials which you could use for further elevating your sales skills

For more information and subscribing please contact us at: 047/22 02 03; 047/ 23 67 63 or


Training for successful business planning

The fastest, easiest way to write a business plan that will triple your business success...even if you're not a business plan expert or you can't afford to hire one.

This course will teach you everything you need to know about writing business plans. From the executive summary to the SWOT analysis and financial predictions. Together we will cover the entire process, step-by-step.

It is essential to have a realistic, working business plan when you're starting up a business. It’s a written document that describes the business, its objectives, its strategies, the market potential and its financial forecasts. It has many functions, from securing external funding to measuring success within your business.

For that purpose BSC Bitola organizes a training which will show you how to prepare a high-quality plan using a number of techniques and skills how to make it useful for you and the investors:

  • The audience for your business plan
  • What the plan should include
  • What is your business, its products and services
  • Which are your markets and competitors
  • How to use marketing and sales strategies
  • What are the best  team's skills
  • What the financial forecasts are saying
  • How it is facing the reality


What will be the benefits from your attendance?

  1. How to prepare a business plan – written document which describes the business, what are its goals, strategies, the market and the financial forecasts.
  2. Possibility to find external financial sources.
  3. Assessment and measuring of your business.
  4. Participating at the business plan competition 2010, organized by BSC Bitola and awarding prizes
  5. A certificate issued by BSC Bitola and SPARK – The Netherlands.
  6. Materials in printed and electronic form, which you could use them in further working.
  7. Supporting in the phase of implementation by BSC Bitola.

This training course will be held at the Business Incubator’s premises – Bitola at 05th and 06th November 2010 (10h – 17h).

Trainer: An international expert in the field of business planning, consultancy and business trainings: Mr. Zoran Vitanov

Planers not always winning – but the winners always plan

With a total investment of only 1500 denars you will gain the latest techniques, skills and knowledge about the effective business planning. Apply now by fulfilling this form and learn the fastest and easiest way to write a business plan!

For further information and applying please contact us at 047/23 67 63; 047/22 02 03 and




Advanced managerial skills training

Become a more effective, more successful manager—in just two days …

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a managerial routine? That there’s no free time to search for new ways of approaching your duties? Do you wish you knew how other supervisors handle the same puzzling problems? Then this energetic workshop’s for you. It provides a rare opportunity to step back … polish your skills … and renew your energy and commitment to management excellence. If you want to guide yourself on the key areas of improvement needed to better performance, productivity and the bottom line, this training is the place for that.

Date and place: 15th and 16th October 2010. Premises of the Business Incubator – Bitola

In just two days, you’ll gain skills that will give you a usefulness  in your job now and throughout your professional future. Business skills how to:

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Management is a skill that needs to be acquired

In support of the title of this article will point out that BSC Bitola thank those who decided to take two-day training "Excelling as a manager or head" and that their active participation contributed to the development and achievement of mutual goals.

The skills that are taught were part of the following themes: Teamwork and team building, effective communication, planning and organization of resources, management and organization of time, setting priorities, delegation, recognition of personal managerial skills and achievements, etc..

Zoran Vitanov was the trainer who conveyed to the participants the secrets of successful managerial performances. He is an active trainer and consultant in the country and abroad, including more fields to be mention, entrepreneurship, business planning, development managers, financial management, investments, etc... President of CEFE Macedonia - at what is called an interactive method by which it was implemented in two days training (20th and 21st August 2010).

Until next training for development and improvement of skills from business and welcome you encourage you to identify your needs and to join our training sessions, seminars and workshops. Please visit our BSC blog at where you can find entire article with impressions from the last conducted training “Excelling as a manager or head”.


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Training: Improve yourself as a manager

You already have the knowledge and skills to perform in your area of expertise. That’s probably what got you promoted in the first place. But being a manager or supervisor demands a new type of skill. You’re in charge of coordinating people and tasks—your continued success depends directly on your ability to get things done through others. Here’s the good news: You don’t have to learn everything by doing.

That’s exactly why we designed this training. To provide you with the practical tips, techniques and solutions you need for supervisory success without incurring the hard knocks that come with on-the-job learning.

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Attract buyers / investors for a minute

What are the key words to grasp the attention? How to convert the characteristics of your business in benefits?

Use the information from the offered seminar in several goals, including:  
1. Meet consumer public, investors or third parties with your offer or idea, and they have minimal or no knowledge.

2. Promote your product or idea to an audience which already has a registered interest or specific knowledge. That your performance would be more focused and targeted.


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Training for promoters and presenters

This two-day training aimed for introduction, adoption and application of skills through training of professional presentation and promotion, specialized techniques for preparing and conducting presentations, sales and effective communication.

Get maximum usefulness and learn:

• How to develop presentations and promotions for conveying a strong message and influencing the audience: with dynamic initial statements, additional statements and persuasive connection closing statements.  
• How to effective presentation and promotion using appropriate techniques: the changing tone of voice, humor, clarity and confidence in speech, nonverbal skills, gestures, dress professionally (respectively), and others.

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Legal and financial performance of small and medium companies

The aim of the study is presenting the legal and financial operations of the practical aspect, which would avoid irregularities in your work.

1st Financial performance (business books and accounting documents)

2nd Taxes and contributions (personal tax, profit tax, VAT, contributions from wages)

3rd Agreements on the market of products and services (legal content and tax aspects)

4th Questions and answers

The training is designed for anyone seeking to establish and already existing small and medium-sized companies in Macedonia.

Location: Business Incubator – Bitola

When: 26th May 2010 (10:00 – 13:00)

Methodology of work: Through practical advice and information in an easy and simple way, the trainers will have capture legal financial operations, while with your questions and encouraging discussion would be successfully implemented this training.

Each participant received written materials and in electronic form which can be used in further work.  

Please confirm your presence dialing our numbers 047/236763; 047/220203 and electronically not later than 25th May 2010.

Thank you,

BSC Bitola


Sales techniques and skills training

Because of the mounting pressure facing salespersons in today's tough economy, this challenging profession is becoming even more competitive. But many prospective sales professionals don't have a solid foundation and understanding of the fundamentals of selling.

This intensive, highly interactive two-day introduction to the techniques and bases for selling will equipped you with the tools and techniques you need to achieve sales success and improve your performances.


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Held training for writing case studies from Macedonian entrepreneurship

On 23.04 and 24.04.2010 in organization of BSC Bitola and Business Academy Smilevski was held a workshop for preparation of case studies from the Macedonian entrepreneurship in the premises of Business Academy Smilevski.

The training attended teachers, assistants, trainers, who had a great opportunity to get familiarized with the process of writing of a case study and its advantages. Furthermore, on a very interesting way by a real examples, was introduced the essence of writing case study and also were presented the best ways of appllying the case studies in the teaching process as an effective method of learning.

Through interactive type of training, participants had great chance to learn how to write case studies and how to use examples from the Macedonian entrepreneurship.


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