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Advanced Business Trainings


Seminar for Marketing Planning - a tool for profitability

Certainly many people are saying that you need a marketing plan. But why is so important of having a marketing plan?

We have seen and still see plenty of business owners wander aimlessly and waste their valuable time, energy and money trying to market without a plan...and still never get where they want to go! In our human nature is to strive to be successful. So why not afford to get what we want? Development of a marketing plan can give you that. Marketing plan helps many businesses to easily avoid frequent mistakes made in marketing operations.

Attend this high quality training and get acknowledged about:

  • Focusing on target market and customers
  • Define the concept and the area of strategic marketing
  • See the gaps in the market and whether it can bring new opportunities for you
  • Understand the processes of strategic planning
  • Apply knowledge and techniques in preparation of a strategic marketing plan
  • Use the knowledge and skills for more efficient and more effective distribution of budget
  • Ability to track your competitors and react appropriately to certain situations
  • We develop components for strategic marketing planning


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Finances for non-financial managers

Financial management for non-financial managers is designed to be implemented in a two day training in order to give the participants the needed knowledge and skills for understanding the basics financial concepts.

The following areas will be covered during the program:

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Basic training for working relations

BSC Bitola invites you to visit the training that will bring basic administrative details and information on labor law, how to create and maintain good working relationships within the company, working jointly with other staff, your role within the organization, common law rights and obligations, equal opportunities policy and communication skills.

It is intended for future entrepreneurs and managers, participants at the business plan competition, organized by BSC Bitola. And all those who want to be closely acquainted with the issues derived from labor relations in an organization.

Training agenda:

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Basic steps for establishment and operation of the company

BSC Bitola invites you to visit the training that will bring basic administrative details and information concerning the establishment of the company and its financial performance.

It is intended for future entrepreneurs and managers, participants of the competition for best business plan, organized by BSC Bitola. And all those who want to know more closely the legal and business aspects of establishing the company.

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Sales during Holiday season

Because of the mounting pressure that salespeople are facing in today's tough economy, this challenging profession is becoming even more competitive. However, many prospective sales professionals don't have a solid foundation and understanding of the fundamentals of selling.

We hope that this intensive, highly interactive two-day introduction to the techniques and basic knowledge for selling will equip you with the tools and techniques you need to achieve sales success and improve your performances.

Salespeople, sales support, as well as potential candidates for sales positions who want to build and revitalize their existing selling skills participated at this training which was held on 17th – 18thDecember 2009, in the training halls of Business Incubator and hotel Millenium – Bitola.

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Marketing gives a better position for small and medium businesses.

At some point in leading their business, any entrepreneur may be asked whether marketing deserves the effort and expenses. The answer is simple. Even the most modest marketing investments realize gains, including: building the image in the eyes of customers, brand establishment, attracting new customers, developing business as a result of satisfied customers, building solid and high quality relationships with customers on whom, of course, your business depends.

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Marketing strategies, branding and sale techniques

The Business start – up centre, BSC Bitola, presents you and kindly invites you to take part at the first training for developing the business sector in the region. The opening of this cycle of trainings for the business sector of small and medium enterprises begins with elaborating the marketing issues: “Marketing strategies, branding and sale techniques”

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Public Relations

"If I was down to my last dollar, I'd spend it on public relations." - Bill Gates

Public Relations include many activities for branding your company. If you like to learn how to present yourself or your company to the mediums this is the optimal training for you.

Where it will be held?

The training premise at the Business Incubator – Bitola (L.C. Veljko Vlahovic) str. Krusevo bb.


17th – 18th of September 2009 from 16 – 20 o’clock.


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Marketing research

Marketing research

Business incubator - Bitola

10th and 11th April, 09h – 17h

The Program:

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Business English

Busines Incubator

06 - 08 April 2009,

16 - 19 o'clock

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