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Motion Universe

Nikola Tancevski, 25 years old, information technologist

It is said that there is nothing more beautiful than thee  moment when the childhood desire is starting to get real. Especially about a desire which seems to be like mission impossible for everyone around you.  But, the young Nikola Tancevski, 25 year-old information technologist from Bitola,  erased the word impossible in his dictionary. ,,I was dreaing to make an animated movie, to open a film studio in the city of the first film cameraman on the Balkans,  Manaki. And yes… it will happen,,.

Nikola finished the Technical Faculty in Bitola with the average grade 10. He says that it seemed like nobody was interested for using his potentials in the higher education , so armed by courage and original ideas, decided to open up his own business.,, We opened the company EKSTRIM LABS,together with my friend Pece Angelkovski,  in times when the world was facing an economic crisis. We decided to work on different fields – programming, web applications, 2D and 3D animations – advertising, marketing, company branding, design,  printing preparation, application development for offline and online games. And now, thanks to the Business Start-Up Center in Bitola, starts working our animation studio “ Motion Uiverse “ where we will shoot the first short animated movie in Bitola”….says Nikola.

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Fizio Beauty

Margarita Dimitrijevik , 36 years old, physiotherapist, owner of “  Fizio Beauty “ Center for improving the psychophysical condition of the people – Bitola

Margarita Dimitrijevik is a young woman who besides her first profession, being a mother,  has another one too. She started working 15 years ago in her native town, Tetovo.  She moved to Bitola 5 years ago. “ I started working on my improvement when I came here- I was going on different lectures, trainings and seminars, where I was getting diplomas and certificates from”- says Margarita. “ I was working physical therapy in many private parlors , I was also working in partnerships with others for finally to start working on my own two years ago. I got the skills so I said,  why not? “ Thus Margarita opened the center for improving the condition of the people “ Fizio Beauty “ in Bitola.

Every second person has need for physical therapy according to the doctors. The years, the fast living tempo, the tension, the  pressure, take their tool . “ As the years pass , the different diseases like neuralgia, myalgia, disc hernia start to appear. We are here to help, to reduce and soothe the pains. We work the physical therapy together with doctor specialist orthopedist and physiatrist . All the examinations and therapies are according to the consultations with them. And if there’s a need for hospital treatment, we recommend it to our clients “- says Margarita.

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