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Lab Prodental

Biljana Ilieva Vanchevska, 30 years  Specialist dental technician

Petar Iliev, 26 years Graduated Economist

Private dental laboratory “Lab prodental” – Bitola

Biljana and Petar are brother and sister who decided to start a common business. Biljana is a specialist dental technician and Petar is a graduated economist. She was the prominent of her generation at the Medical College “Jordanka Filaretova” in Sofia, Bulgaria. He graduated at the Faculty of Economics in Skopje. Together they participated in the Business Plan Competition at the Business Start-Up Centre from Bitola. “That is the plan for the opening of our private dental laboratory “Lab prodental” which later will become a regional center for dental technique and further even in a small polyclinic, why not?”, says Bilijana.

The idea to open a private dental laboratory, to Biljana began smoldering after her returning in Macedonia, when she made a comparisons – how is approached at the things in Bulgaria and how here, in her country.

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Alu Klip

Ajhan Nebioski, 35 years old, mechanical technician, owner of “ Alu Klip “ – Bitola, company that is producing and constructing PVC and aluminium joinery.

“I’m not ashamed working on anything. I’m an owner of a company, a manager, but I’m not ashamed of working together with my employees. What’s important to my clients and also what’s important to me is that job needs to be done with agility, quality and speed “starts the conversation Ajhan Nebioski. He’s 35 years old. He is a mechanical technician and is owner of the company for producing and constructing PVC and aluminium joinery “Alu Klip “ in Bitola.

He says that he’s been doing this craft for seven years for other owners. He gained great experience, he learned a lot of things, met a lot of people, made a lot of friendships, but doing this he realized something else as well. “ I concluded that I’m not paid enough for my engagement and my competence. I had good knowledge of my job, and I was convinced that if a can work for others I would be able to work for myself even better. I started from scratch, alone with all the uncertainties that came along with the private business, and now I have three employees and I am thinking to expand my business even more”.

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Nova Solutions

Igor Mishevski, 30 years old, from Kratovo, graduate electrical engineer, owner of Nova Solutions – Bitola

“ Every client of the Business Start-up Center or the Business Incubator in Bitola is another story. Everyone looks for and gets different privileges from BSC. Having BSC as a client is my biggest privilege of all. That’s my reference. Anyone can see their website and thus see the quality of my work, specifically my company- Nova Solutions”.

That’s what the thirty-year old Igor Misevski , graduate electrical engineer, from Kratovo says. He married a girl from Bitola and continued living here. And not because it was his wife’s desire, but because he found a job here. “I was working in a non-governmental organization at the beginning, and I established my own company in order to be able to pay my health and pension insurance. I was working on different projects from the non-governmental sector, and today I’m independent in the business I’m doing”.

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Tennis Academy “Pavlovski“

Zlatko Pavlovski, 48 years old, mechanical technician, owner and director of a Tennis Academy “ Pavlovski “ Bitola

“ I got infatuated with the tennis as a ten-year old boy , when I became a member of the tennis club in Bitola . I’m now 48 years old and I have had a lot of different professions in my life- mechanical engineer, computer scientist- electronic engineer, manager of a plant for plastic bottles.. But, you know, the tennis was my preoccupation all the time.” Knowing all that , we aren’t surprised from Zlatko’s desire to open the first Tennis Academy in Bitola.

He had the idea for Tennis Academy for 8-9 years. He was working in private tennis clubs in Skopje as a coach and sport manager for a time. He did the complete organization of the clubs, starting from acceptance of new members, their registering, signing out, working with coaches, organization of competitions on a home and international level, competitions among the clubs.

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Bitolska Laboratory

Borce Vasilevski, 33 years old, owner of Private health institution – biochemical laboratory “ Bitolska Laboratorija “ – Bitola

“ I am a medical manager, something new as a term  and as a profession in Macedonia. I can explain my profession as a manager in medical subject of any type “ – says the 33-year old Borce Vasilevski who has 7 years experience in the private health behind him. He was a manager in two diagnostic centers in Bitola and from 2009 on , a regional manager for “ Neuromedika “ in Macedonia. “ Alongside with that I opened the Private health institution – biochemical laboratory “ Bitolska Laboratorija”.

Borce’s idea was to make a private health subject from the type of biochemical laboratory that will give services to all the people from Bitola for the same prices as in the public health, making no difference whether they are its registered patients or not. “ I was seeing how the public health was trying to put the health in the public sector in service closer to the patients and I started thinking- why that couldn’t be done by some private subject also? Why not? Every business with good profit is economically justified . The only thing you should be careful about when you work with such process is the quality. But, when you find the solution , having quality and quantity at the same time, it’s easy to survive.”

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