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Taking part in the business base expo in Belgrade

The Business Incubator took part in the Business Base Expo in Belgrade from November 26th- 28th 2009, together with three of their own companies: Motion Universe, which works in animations, film, multimedia, X3M Labs in the field of graphic design and multimedia, Kesko Avu company witch specializes in electrical materials. This is part of Belgrade’s Expo-the biggest exposition in Southeastern Europe intended for small and medium-sized business owners. This year the Expo had over 270 participants.

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Fair appearance "Biznis Baza" in Belgrade, 26 - 28 November 2009

The fair for entrepreneurs of small and medium enterprises "Biznis Baza" will be held between 26-28 November 2009, for the 8th time, as a part of the Belgrade Fair. The Belgrade Fair, an event with a tradition of eight decades, is the largest and most successful fair institution in Serbia, but also in Southeast Europe.


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Fair appearance at “ZEPS” Zenica 6-11 October 2009

6 companies’ members of the Business Incubator - Bitola participated in this year's 16th general fair in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The fair took place from 06-11 October 2009.

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Consultations for business plan writing 2009_2

The consultations for improving the business plans of the new candidates for Business Plan competition 2009_2 has started.

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Training "Basic steps for successful appearance on fair"

To prepare the participants for the upcoming appearance on ZEPS fair in Zenica from 06-11 October, on 29/09/2009 training was held about "Basic steps for successful appearance on fair”.

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Promoting the program co-financing of standards

Business start-up centre Bitola on 29/09/2009 participated on promotion about standardization and certification organized by USAID, Bureau Veritas and BSC Bitola.

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Second phase of mentoring

The companies’ members of the Business Incubator continued with the second phase of the project Mentoring on Thursday, Friday and Saturday 24-26.09.2009. This mentoring is for the companies from the Business Plan Competition 2008 and 2009_1.

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Invitation for training “Development and encouragement of women's entrepreneurship”

Possession and development of entrepreneurial skills is a huge advantage for any woman to function successfully in the business world.

Therefore it is our great honor and pleasure to invite you to the training, “Development and encouragement of women's entrepreneurship”, which will be the best roadmap for your success in business.

Training will be held from 8th to 10th October (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), starting from 9.30 am to 17.00, in the Hotel Epinal - Bitola.

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Consulting for business plan writing 2009_2

On the 02nd and 03rd October 2009, at the premises of the Business Incubator – Bitola, will be held consultations for writing a business plans. This event is organized in the context of the fourth cycle of the business plan competition 2009_2.

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Basics of accounting and financial management

Today accounting is one of the main aspects of the operating of a company. Within this, the Business Incubator organized training on 23.09.2009.

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