Modern Marketing Method: Live Stream Videos

Modern Marketing Methods

With time business organizations need to adopt new marketing techniques, New marketing techniques include digital marketing on social media and the recently popular technique is to live stream videos.

Live Stream Videos

Streaming live videos have become the new trend to marketing,

There are multiple platforms on which you can live stream video, some of them are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Youtube

there are many other platforms to live stream videos on the internet but these three are most popular.

Benefit Of Live Streaming

Live streaming videos on the internet gives you an instant result for your marketing goals, The first advantage of live streaming a video on the internet is instant audience exposure plus you have full details of how much audience have viewed your videos.

Another benefit is that a video content attracts the customers subconsciously in the most effective way thus bringing better results.

Tools For Live Streaming Videos

Though live streaming is the most effective modern method of marketing, you need a few tools for this, some of the most famous tools for live streaming videos are:

Wirecast – Paid

Open broadcaster software – Free   (Guide To Live Stream Video Using OBS)

Xsplit – Paid

Please see the difference between Xsplit and obs before choosing one

Tips For Live Streaming For Better Results

  • Though live streaming is an easy task, if you wish to yield a better result, you must follow some rules:
  • Do Live Streaming On Regular Intervals (Fix A Time Like Once A Week Or Once A Month), But do it on a regular interval.
  • Keep the video short and descriptive (All of us know that live streaming is free but that does not mean that you will make long videos that will bore your viewers)
  • Stick to your topic (Many times while live streaming People get out of focus)
  • Always display your company logo while live streaming
  • Prefer a female anchor